Troubleshoot when nothing happens after removing Nest Protect's battery tab

If you don’t see a blue light or hear the welcome message after removing the battery tab, the batteries may need to be re-seated. To fix the problem, you will need to remove the batteries and clean out any pieces of the battery tab that are left in the battery tray.

Here’s how:

Remove the two screws on the back of Nest
Protect with a small Phillips screwdriver and
take off the cover.

Remove the batteries in each battery tray,
make sure no pieces of battery tab remain,
and reset the batteries in the proper

Press down on each battery to make sure
that both ends are touching the Nest Protect

Nest Protect remove dancefloor
Note: You will need to push the spring-
loaded battery stays out of the way to get the
third battery into each tray.
Nest Protect battery stays


Once the batteries are reinstalled, reattach
the battery door by sliding it into the tabs
located on the opposite side from the
batteries and replacing the screws.
Nest Protect replace dancefloor


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