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Protect’s speaker or horn aren't verified by Sound Check or Safety Checkup

2nd gen Google Nest Protect has a built-in microphone that lets it check its own speaker and horn during both Sound Check and Safety Checkup tests. If Nest Protect can’t verify that its speaker or and horn are working, you should run a Safety Checkup to make sure you can hear the alarm for yourself.

During each automatic monthly Sound Check or manual Safety Checkup test, Nest Protect uses its speaker and horn to make a short sound, and then uses its microphone to listen for that sound. Listen to it now >

If the microphone hears the exact sound that it expects to hear, Nest Protect will know its speaker and horn are working the way they should, and it shows you that everything is working in the Nest app.

Sometimes, however, the microphone can't confirm that the speaker and horn are working. That doesn't necessarily mean they're broken. Instead, it could mean that something happened during the test, and Nest Protect didn't hear the exact sound it expected. For example, there might have been a loud noise at the same time as the test, like a door slamming or a TV playing with the volume turned up.

What to do if Nest Protect couldn't verify the speaker or horn

If Nest Protect can't automatically verify the speaker or horn, the Nest app will let you know, and Nest Protect will glow yellow during Nightly Promise. You should run a manual Safety Checkup with the Nest app, or by pressing the Nest button twice, and listen for Nest Protect to sound. For complete details and instructions see the following article:

          Learn more about Safety Checkup >

Before the Safety Checkup test begins:

  • Make sure Nest Protect is installed properly on the wall or ceiling.
  • Limit other sources of noise in the house, like TVs, laptops, and stereos.

During the test, listen for the speaker and horn, to make sure you can hear it sound the alarm. You should hear a voice message and a loud buzzer.

If you have multiple Nest Protects, walk around and make sure you can hear them all. That's the best way to verify the speaker and horn are working.

If you can't hear the buzzer or voice, or Nest Protect doesn't make a sound when you start the test, contact Nest Support.

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