Learn about Nest Cam multi-packs before you buy

One camera is great for keeping an eye on a particular spot, but having multiple cameras helps you look after your whole home. Google Nest Cam multi-packs bundle multiple cameras at a discounted price.

Here’s what you need to know about purchasing a multi-pack, adding GoogleNest Aware subscriptions, setting up your cameras, and troubleshooting issues.

Where can I buy a Nest Cam multi-pack

You can purchase a Nest Cam multi-pack online at the Nest Store or at one of our retail partners including select Best Buy, Amazon and Home Depot stores. Nest Cams might be bundled in a 2-pack, a 3-pack, or another quantity. Check the Nest Store or contact one of our retail partners for current availability.

Is there a discounted Nest Aware bundle for Nest Cam multi-packs?

No, there is no special Nest Aware discount for multi-packs. But we do offer standard discounts for multiple Nest Aware subscriptions in a home, whether you purchased your cameras one at a time or as a multi-pack. For more information, see the following article:

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Is my home internet fast enough to use a Nest Cam multi-pack?

We designed Nest Cam to give you different options for streaming video without overloading your internet connection. Even so, each camera can use a lot of bandwidth if you choose a higher video quality setting.

Here are some recommendations:

  • For two or three cameras, we recommend that your internet connection has an uploadspeed of 5Mbps or more. See the following article for details about how much bandwidth each camera might use and the amount of total data it might consume over a month.
    Learn about Nest Cam's internet bandwidth use >
  • We also recommend a cable modem connection. DSL modems that connect over phone lines may not have enough bandwidth for multiple cameras.
  • All Nest Cam models have a video quality setting. Changing the setting to a higher quality requires more bandwidth. If your internet connection can’t keep up, one or more of your cameras may go offline or you may see an error in the Nest app. If this happens, try setting your “most important” camera higher and your other cameras lower.
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What are some tips for setting up my Nest cam multi-pack?

Having multiple cameras in a home is a little different than having just one. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you purchase your multi-pack from the Nest Store, it’s easy to add Nest Aware subscriptions for all your cameras at the same time. If you don’t add subscriptions then, you can always add them later.
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  • Set up all of your cameras at the same time so you can test their video streams. If you have a slow internet connection, you can lower the Quality and bandwidth setting on one or all of your cameras to accommodate the new traffic on your network.
  • If you’re mounting your cameras outside, set them up with the Nest app and then take each one to the spot where you want to install it to make sure it can still get a good connection to your Wi-Fi router. Otherwise, the video may skip or get stuck when you’re watching, or the cameras may disconnect.

For general setup tips, see the following articles:

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How can I return my Nest cam multi-pack?

If you bought your multi-pack at the Nest Store, see the following article.

Nest store returns and cancellation policy >

Other stores and websites have various return policies, so check with them if you purchased your multi-pack from one of our partners.

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