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Nest Aware subscription purchased from a partner

If you purchased your Nest Aware subscription through one of our partners, contact them with any questions you have about:

  • Purchasing, canceling, or changing your Nest Aware subscription
  • Updating or changing your credit card on file for billing
  • Questioning a Nest Aware charge that appears on your statement

Note: Google doesn’t have access to this information if you purchased your subscription from a partner.

How to tell if you purchased Nest Aware from a partner

Your Account screen in the store makes it easy to tell where you purchased each subscription so you know who to contact if you need to make any changes.

  1. Go to and click on your profile in the top right corner.
  2. Select Subscriptions. Sign in with the account email and password that you use to sign in to the Nest or Home app.
  3. You’ll see a list of all the Nest Aware subscriptions in your account.
    • If you purchased a subscription directly from Google, the subscription will simply say Nest Aware. There won’t be a subscription ID.
    • If you purchased a subscription from one of our partners, the subscription will say Nest Aware with the details of your plan. Below this you’ll see Subscription managed by (partner name). There will also be an alphanumeric subscription ID. You may need to provide your subscription ID when contacting the partner for help.
If you purchased a 1st gen Aware subscription from one of our partners, the subscription will say Nest Aware via (partner name). In addition, you’ll see an alphanumeric subscription ID below that. When contacting the partner, you may need to provide this ID.

Cancel a Nest Aware partner subscription 

If you purchased your subscription from one of our partners, contact the partner directly to cancel or change your subscription. Google cannot cancel or change subscriptions purchased from a partner.

The partner’s cancellation policies may be different from Google’s policies, so ask them about  what happens if you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, and for any other questions you may have.

Important: Cancellation can't be reversed. All video history, settings, and preferences related to your Nest Aware subscription will be erased. They cannot be recovered. Google does not keep backups.

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