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Using Nest products for a small business

Google Nest energy, safety and security products are designed to be used in homes. With some exceptions, they can generally be used in small offices or businesses as well. If you install a Nest thermostat, camera or other Nest product in a small business, make sure that you remain in full compliance with all applicable laws, and local building and safety codes for commercial properties.

Note: You can’t sign into the Nest app with a Google Workspace account. If the Super Administrator has turned on Web and app activity, you can link a Workspace account to the Google Home app, but some app features won’t be available. For best results, create a personal Google Account to sign in to the app where you add your products.

Use a Nest thermostat in your business

Google Nest thermostats can be set up to work seamlessly in an office or business that has a compatible heating or cooling system. 

The following features on your Nest thermostat can help you save energy and keep you and your customers comfortable.

Temperature schedule

A temperature schedule ensures that your thermostat automatically maintains the right temperature at the right time.

Learn about Nest thermostat temperature schedules

Eco Temperature

When your business is empty, you don’t need to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Eco Temperature settings can help you save energy at these times.

Eco Temperature and how to change settings

App temperature control

You can use the Home or Nest app to monitor the temperature at your business. For example, you can use the app to check that your business stays warm enough while you’re out and change the temperature if needed.

Control your thermostat with the Home or Nest app

Use Nest cameras and doorbells in your business

In countries where the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) applies, the use of Nest Cam is intended for purely personal and household use. We do not recommend that you install or use Nest cameras in commercial or business environments. Always check that your use of a camera is in compliance with local regulations.

Use Nest Protect in your business

You may be able to install and use Google Nest Protect in your business as long as you’re in full compliance with local building and fire safety codes. But there are some restrictions, because Nest Protect is designed to detect smoke and carbon monoxide in a residential environment.

Nest Protect alone is not a suitable substitute for complete fire detection systems in warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial buildings and special-purpose non-residential buildings, which require special fire detection and alarm systems. However, depending on the building regulations in your area, Nest Protect may be used to provide additional protection in those facilities.

Learn about Nest Protect's certifications

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