Using Nest products in an office or a small business

Nest products are designed to be used in homes, but they can generally be used in small offices or businesses with some exceptions. If you install a Nest product, make sure that you remain in full compliance with local building and safety codes for commercial properties.

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Using a Nest thermostat in your business 

Nest thermostats can be easily set up to work seamlessly in an office or business that has a compatible heating system.

During Nest thermostat setup, you’ll choose what type of building you’re installing it in: a private home or a business. After setup, simply set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature during business hours and turn it down at the end of the work day. It will learn what temperatures you prefer during the day to keep you and your customers comfortable.

Eco Temperature can help save when you're open

It can be hard to save energy in a business where people are in and out all day. However, Eco Temperature can help save energy when your business is unexpectedly empty--for offsite meetings or an extended lunch break. If there’s a reason that you don’t want Eco Temperature to go into effect during the business day, you can simply switch it off with the app or the thermostat.

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Eco Temperature will help save when you're closed too

Because business needs are different, Nest thermostats will behave a bit differently at night and automatically switch to the Eco Temperature when your business is empty after closing. When it’s set up for home installation, Nest thermostats typically won’t switch to Eco Temperature at night because you and your family may be asleep.

Lock your thermostat to prevent unwanted changes

You can limit what employees or curious customers can change on your thermostat with the lock feature. When you lock your Nest thermostat the temperature can only be changed within a custom range, so it won’t get too hot or cold inside. No other features are accessible, but your thermostat will still follow its regular temperature schedule, automatically switch to Eco Temperatures when appropriate, and otherwise work as normal.

Only people who know the PIN to unlock the thermostat will be able to adjust the temperature beyond the set range or change the thermostat’s settings.

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Monitor your business while you're gone

You can also use the Nest app to monitor your business. For instance, you can use the Nest app to check that your store is staying warm enough while you’re out and change the temperature if needed.

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Using Nest Cam and Nest Hello in your business

In countries where the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) applies, the use of Nest Cam is intended for purely personal and household use. We do not recommend you install or use Nest cameras in commercial or business environments. Always check that your use of a camera is in compliance with local regulations.

Using Nest Protect in your business 

You may be able to install and use Nest Protect in your business as long as you’re in full compliance with local building and fire safety codes. But there are some restrictions because Nest Protect is designed to detect smoke and carbon monoxide in a residential environment.

Using Nest Protect alone is not a suitable substitute for complete fire detection systems in warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and special-purpose nonresidential buildings which require special fire detection and alarm systems. However, depending on the building codes in your area, Nest Protect may be used to provide additional protection in those facilities.

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