What’s new in the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat

Four years after introducing the world’s first learning thermostat, we launched the 3rd generation Google Nest Learning Thermostat in October 2015. It has a 40% bigger display, lets you see useful information like the weather, temperature or time from across the room with Farsight, and has more temperature sensors for better accuracy.

Here's what's new about the 3rd gen thermostat:

  • The screen is 40% bigger and gorgeously clear,
    with even smaller pixels that make everything
    much sharper.
  • The sensor window is significantly smaller so it
    takes up even less space at the bottom of the
  • We've added seven more temperature sensors
    - for a total of 10 - to make it even more accurate.
  • It's slightly thinner so it has a sleeker profile on
    your wall.
  • The base has been redesigned to make
    installation even easier.
  • You now get Farsight. With Farsight, the Nest
    Thermostat will light up when it sees you coming
    from across the room and show you useful things
    like the temperature you’ve set, the current room
    temperature, the time, or the outside weather. You
    get to choose what you’ll see.

    Learn more about Farsight >

  • To take advantage of the beautiful new screen,
    we've redesigned almost everything. Now the
    current temperature is bigger, settings fit better
    on the screen, and alerts are easier to read.
  • To continue to protect your privacy and secure your data,
    the new Nest Learning Thermostat has Secure Boot technology
    that blocks incompatible or malicious software by ensuring that only official Nest software is running.

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nest thermostat display angle

Nest thermostat farsight analog clock


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