Painting Nest products: dos and don'ts

You should not paint your Nest products because painting or covering them can affect their sensors, performance, and functionality and may void your warranty. However, there are a few Nest accessories and parts that can be painted to match your home.

In general, Nest products should never be painted, dyed, or covered with fabric or other materials.

Do not paint:

  • Google Nest Protect
  • Google Nest cameras
  • Google Nest thermostat
  • Google Nest × Yale Lock
  • Google Nest Hello video doorbell
  • Any parts of Google Nest Secure

Nest accessories that are safe to paint 

There are a few exceptions that can be painted such as outdoor camera cables or the Nest
thermostat’s optional trim plate. The table below details the only parts that are safe to
paint. If it isn’t in the table below, don’t paint it.

Nest product that has the accessory

Accessory that’s safe to paint

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
Nest Cam Outdoor

  • Cables
  • Cable clips

Important: Do not paint any other part of the
camera itself or its power adapter.

If you are using an oil based paint, you must
first use a water-based primer on the cable.

Nest thermostat

  • Nest thermostat’s optional trim plate

Important: If you paint the trim plate, make
sure that it’s completely dry before attaching
the Nest thermostat’s base and installing
the thermostat.

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