Learn about the Nest Leaf on your thermostat

The Nest Leaf guides you to personalized energy savings for your home

The Nest Leaf Nest thermostat leaf icon icon appears on the Google Nest thermostat display or in the Nest app when you choose an energy-saving temperature. When you follow the Leaf, you know you’re saving energy.

The Leaf will appear the first day you install your Nest thermostat. During the first few days, the Leaf is based on set temperatures. After that, Nest will personalize the Leaf to your home and schedule.

  • When heating, setting Nest to 62°F/16.5°C or below will always get the Leaf.
  • When cooling, setting Nest to 84°F/29°C or above will always get the Leaf.
  • The temperatures that merit the Leaf will depend on your temperature preferences. These temperatures will also change over time as your Nest thermostat continues to learn and as you save energy.

If you have multiple Nest thermostats in your home, you'll get the Leaf at different temperatures on different thermostats. This is because your schedule and the temperature changes that you make are a bit different for each thermostat.

The Leaf will challenge you to choose temperatures that are a little lower or higher than you’re used to. To learn more about the energy-saving features of Nest thermostats, visit the following article:

Details about how Nest thermostats can help you save energy >

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