Learn about Nest thermostat rebates, rewards, and other ways to save with Nest energy partners

Nest energy partners can help you lower your bills and earn rewards. If you’re a customer of one of our partners, you can get discounts and access to Nest services like Seasonal Savings, Rush Hour Rewards and more. Some partners offer Google Nest thermostat rebates or let you get one at no cost.

When you're a customer of one of our energy partners, you may be eligible for benefits like a Nest thermostat at a discount or even at no cost.

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Depending on your energy partner, you may be eligible for:

  • A rebate on a Nest thermostat or one at no cost: Your energy provider may offer you a Nest thermostat at no cost or help you get one for less. This depends on your partner and the programs they offer. Check on our partners page to see what’s available in your area.

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  • Rush Hour Rewards: This Nest service lets your energy provider reward you for using less energy during peak usage periods.

    Learn about Rush Hour Rewards >

  • Seasonal Savings: This Nest service makes energy-saving tweaks to your schedule while still keeping you comfortable. Based on our studies, we estimate that Seasonal Savings can help you use around 5% less heating and cooling in high usage seasons.

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