How Dropcam works with Nest

Dropcam is an HD camera that streams video to your phone, tablet or computer over Wi-Fi, making it even easier to stay connected to your home. Your Nest products and Dropcams work together in several ways:

Controlled with the Nest app.

You can do everything with the Nest app that you used to do with the Dropcam app. Once you’ve connected your Dropcam to the Nest app you can get activity alerts, watch your camera’s live stream, save video clips, change settings and more.

Records during an emergency.

If you have a Google Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm and get a Heads-Up or an emergency alert, all the Dropcam cameras in your home will turn on and begin recording and saving the footage online in your Dropcam activity tab.

How Video History works

Knows when you're away.

If you have a Google Nest Learning Thermostat, you can set your Dropcam to begin automatically recording when you put your thermostat into Home or Away mode. For instance, if you're on vacation, you won't need to remember to turn your Dropcam on when you leave. It'll automatically turn on and monitor your home until you get come back.

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