Learn about the Nest Hello video doorbell before you buy

Nest Hello combines the familiar convenience of a doorbell with the trusted security and intelligence of a Nest camera. It has 24/7 live streaming, HDR imaging, and night vision to give you a clear view, day or night. And it can light up and send you an alert when someone approaches, even if they don’t ring the bell.

Nest Hello is designed for what happens at the front door. Below are some answers to the top questions people ask about our video doorbell.

Tip: Having an issue with your Hello? Learn how to troubleshoot.

Hello doorbell image

When Nest Hello detects a person, it will light up and show them where to press.

Get to know Nest Hello

What are the technical specifications of Nest Hello?

Refer to the information about the technical specifications of Nest Hello, as well as the weather rating.

Is Nest Hello waterproof?

Nest Hello is designed to resist rain, water spray, and dust, and has an IPX 4 weather resistance rating. Although it's not recommended to submerge it in water, Hello should be able to withstand normal weather conditions.

Check compatibility

How do I check compatibility with my existing doorbell?

You can install Nest Hello if you have one of the following:

Does my home have enough Wi-Fi bandwidth to use Nest Hello?

It's recommended to have a broadband internet connection with at least 2 Mbps of upload speed for each Nest camera in your home, including the Nest Hello video doorbell (DSL connections may not have enough bandwidth). You also need additional bandwidth for the other connected devices in your home, depending on how much each device uses.

What to do if your internet connection doesn’t have enough bandwidth?

During installation, the app will walk you through testing Hello's video stream. But even after testing, there might be times when other connected devices in your home compete for available bandwidth. If there’s not enough bandwidth to go around, Nest Hello could periodically disconnect and there might be gaps in your video footage.

When needed, the app can automatically adjust its video quality so the video stream will be as smooth as possible. You can also manually change the video quality to use less bandwidth. But ultimately you might want to upgrade to an internet service plan that has enough bandwidth for all the connected devices in your home, including 2 Mbps of upload speed for each Nest camera including Nest Hello.

How big is it? Will it fit?

Nest Hello is designed to replace your current wired doorbell in the same spot. It's slimmer than other video doorbells, so it can fit in more places.

  • Height: 4.6 in (11.7 cm)
  • Width: 1.7 in (4.3 cm)
  • Depth: 1.0 in (2.6 cm)
  • Weight: 4.6 oz (129 g)

Hello should be mounted vertically, with the button at the bottom. Do not install it horizontally, with the button on the left or right.

nest hello 3D dimension image

What if my doorbell is in a spot where it can't view visitors?

 Nest Hello’s wide angle lens lets you view a full 160°, which
is wider than the human eye’s field of view. So you may be
less limited by your existing doorbell’s location than you

blue line hello
In addition, Nest Hello includes a wedge that you can
install on the backplate which tilts your camera 15° to give
you a better view if your doorbell isn’t in an ideal spot.
hello top wedge view angle

Does Nest Hello include a chime?

No. Nest Hello does not include a chime.

Tip: The "chime" is the part of your system that makes the
ding-dong sound or plays a song when someone presses the
doorbell button.

Check compatibility with your existing wired doorbell

If your home doesn't have a compatible chime, then you can
still use Hello with the optional Indoor Power Adapter. For
full instructions, refer to the article on how to install Hello with
the Indoor Power Adapter
. Otherwise, you can have a local Nest Pro
upgrade your current doorbell system to be compatible with Hello.

hello chime box examples

Does Hello work with multi-doorbell or multi-chime systems?

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to use Nest Hello even if your home has a complex doorbell system.

Basic systems

If you have one of the following systems, you can either install Hello yourself or contact a Nest Pro to do it for you:

  • 1 doorbell with 1 chime
  • 2 doorbells with 1 chime

Advanced systems

For advanced systems, it's recommended to contact a Nest Pro to evaluate your system and install Hello for you. The app doesn't include DIY instructions or wiring diagrams for these types of systems.

  • 1 doorbell with 2+ chimes
  • 2+ doorbells with 2+ chimes
  • 3+ doorbells with 1 chime

Other systems (not compatible)

If you have one of the following systems, it very likely will not work with Hello. In order to use Hello, you’ll need to contact a Nest Pro to install new wiring and a new chime that are both dedicated to Hello.

  • Intercoms
  • Gate controls
  • Other equipment that uses power

Camera and video

Does Nest Hello stream video continuously?

Yes. Nest Hello gets its power from your household wiring, so it can stay on all the time and stream live video to your phone whenever you want. You don’t need to wait for someone to ring your doorbell. You can check in on things any time, even if you’re away from home, and you don’t need to worry about your camera chewing through battery life whenever you watch video.

Like all of Nest’s other cameras, when you add a Nest Aware subscription to Nest Hello, its video gets saved to the cloud so you can go back and watch activity that happened in the past.

Benefits of continuous 24/7 video recording

Does Nest Hello have Night Vision?

Yes. Like all of Nest’s other cameras, Nest Hello’s Night Vision evenly illuminates the view when there’s little or no light. Nest Hello’s Night Vision uses HDR imaging, so a visitor’s face can be crisp and clear even when they’re backlit.

In the app, you have the option for Night Vision to turn on automatically when it gets dark. However, if you have a porch light or other bright light that provides plenty of light for the camera, your camera won’t need to turn on Night Vision to view visitors clearly.

Night Vision on Nest cameras

What is Nest Hello's video resolution?

Nest Hello was designed specifically for your front door. It can view a lot with its 160°wide-angle and its image is optimized for close range so you can check visitors head-to-toe as well as packages on the ground.

Hello streams video to your phone or computer at a resolution called UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixels, or 1.9 MP). UXGA was chosen for its 4:3 aspect ratio, which gives you the expanded vertical view you need at the front door. 

This is important because Nest Hello will be installed at doorbell height, which will show a different view than a security camera that’s mounted up high. nest hello ratio image

Why doesn’t Nest Hello use 1080p?

1080p HD has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, or 2.1 MP at a 16:9 aspect ratio. 1080p cameras have a wider view with extra horizontal space that’s great for keeping an eye on a large area. But the view isn’t as good for checking visitors head to toe from a lower angle. UXGA gives you the expanded vertical view that you need in order to check someone standing right in front of the camera as well as packages on the ground.

hello uxga image

Power and connectivity

How is Nest Hello powered - wires or batteries?

Hello is a wired video doorbell.

  • If you already have a compatible wired doorbell, Hello will connect to your existing doorbell wires. In general, your existing doorbell needs to have wires with a measured voltage range:
    • In North America: From 14 to 30 V AC, or a transformer that's labeled from 16 to 24 V AC.
    • In Europe: From 10.8 to 30 V AC, or a transformer that's labeled from 12 to 24 V AC.
  1. How to tell if your current doorbell system will work with Nest Hello
  • If you install Hello with the optional Indoor Power Adapter, Hello will get its power from a standard outlet inside your home.

What are the benefits of wires over batteries?

  • No battery hassles. With a wired video doorbell, you never need to change or recharge batteries, even if you like to check in on your live video feed several times throughout the day.

  • 24/7 recording and streaming. Hello captures and streams video continuously. Other battery-powered video doorbells can’t do this because they’re asleep most of the time.

  • No delays. To preserve battery charge, battery powered cameras only turn on when they sense motion. Even a short delay while a camera turns on can mean that important video may not get captured.

  • Algorithms for video analysis. A constant source of power lets Hello analyze the motion it senses, so it can tell you when there’s a person at the door as opposed to a tree branch swaying in the wind. That way, the alerts you get from Hello are more relevant.

How does Nest Hello connect to the internet?

Nest Hello connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Setup and installation

Can I install Nest Hello myself? 

Yes, Hello is designed for DIY installation. Before you get started, be sure to check compatibility.

How to tell if your current doorbell system will work with Nest Hello

Tip: If your existing doorbell is not compatible, you can have a local Nest Pro upgrade your system and install Hello for you, or you can purchase and install Hello with the optional Indoor Power Adapter to replace your existing doorbell. If you don’t have a doorbell, you can install the optional Indoor Power Adapter yourself.

How do I install Nest Hello myself? 

The app on your phone will show you step-by-step instructions. Expect to spend about an hour from start to finish.

If your existing doorbell is compatible, then you’ll add a connector to the chime box inside your home and replace your old doorbell button with your new Hello.

How to install your Nest Hello video doorbell

How to set up and install the Nest Hello video doorbell

If your existing doorbell is not compatible or if you don’t have a doorbell, you can purchase the optional Nest Hello Indoor Power Adapter from the Google Store, install Hello outside your home, and plug the adapter into an outlet inside your home, and plug the adapter into an outlet inside your home.

How to install Nest Hello with the Indoor Power Adapter

Can I get someone to install Nest Hello for me? 

Absolutely, and we can help you find the right person in your area to do it. Nest Pros are independent contractors who have access to exclusive training and tools for our products.

Find a Nest Pro

A Nest Pro can help with installation if:

  • You'd prefer a professional to install your doorbell
  • Your existing doorbell system or wiring is incompatible
  • You don't already have a doorbell and chime

Note: Nest Pros are a network of independent companies or contractors not employed by Nest.

Using Nest Hello 

What happens when someone rings the doorbell? 

When you have a visitor, the large button on Hello will light up as they approach. All the visitor needs to do is press the Hello’s button, just like ringing a traditional doorbell.

The camera inside Nest Hello streams video 24/7, so you can watch the visitor approaching the door, ringing the doorbell, and leaving if you’re not home. In addition, Nest Hello will send a notification to your phone. If you share access to your Nest home using Family Accounts, each person can set their own preferences to get notifications from Nest Hello.

And if a person walks up to your door without ringing the doorbell, you can still get a notification on your phone so you’ll know they stopped by.

Notifications and how to change settings

nest hello front door image of a boy

How do notifications from Nest Hello work?

After you install the free app and connect Hello to Wi-Fi, you can get a notification on your phone or tablet when:

  • Someone rings the doorbell
  • Hello spots a person
  • Hello spots any activity or sound

If you add a Nest Aware subscription, you can get intelligent notifications when:

Most of these settings can be turned on or off, so you can choose which ones you want to get.

Notifications and how to change settings

When will the notification arrive on my phone? 

Like any device that’s connected to the internet, there will be a slight delay between when someone presses Nest Hello’s button or walks up to your door and when the notification arrives on your phone. So while it won’t be instantaneous, as long as Nest Hello and your phone both have a good connection to the internet, you should expect to get a notification on your phone within a few seconds.

Can I get a notification if someone doesn't ring the bell? 

Yes. As long as Nest Hello and your phone are both connected to the internet, you can have Nest Hello send a notification whenever it detects a person.

So even if someone knocks or approaches your door without ringing, Nest Hello can let you know. You can change this setting any time in the app on your phone. If you share access to your Nest home using Family Accounts, each person can set their own preferences to get notifications from Nest Hello.

nest hello delivery walk image

What are my options for responding to a visitor? 

When someone rings Nest Hello, the notification on your phone will either show you a still snapshot of who’s at your door. If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you’ll view live video from your camera.

From there, you can:

  • Select a Quick Response like “Thanks, you can just leave it” and Nest Hello will speak the pre-recorded message to your visitor. This is a great option if you’re in a meeting or otherwise can’t talk to the visitor directly. Learn about Quick Responses.
  • Use HD Talk & Listen to have a live conversation with the visitor from your phone. Learn about HD Talk & Listen.
  • Ignore the visitor if you’re not interested to engage with them. Your doorbell won’t give any indication of whether or not you’re home. You can watch live video from your phone so you’ll know if anything else happens while the visitor is at your door.

No matter which option you choose, the visit will be marked on Nest Hello’s Sightline in the app. If you subscribe to Nest Aware, you can also go back and review footage before or after the activity to check what happened.

Smart home 

Does Nest Hello work with Google Nest or Home speaker or display?

Yes. If you have a Google Assistant-enabled speaker or smart display such as Google Nest Hub, it can do things like:

  • Announce visitors at the door
  • Cast Hello's video to a Google Home Hub or Chromecast-enabled display

For the complete list of things Hello and your speaker or display can do together, learn about how to use the Google Assistant with your Nest products.

Does Nest Hello work with Amazon Alexa?

If you have an Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker in your home, there’s a limited number of ways it can work with Hello.

How to control your Nest products with Amazon Alexa

Note: Currently, Alexa can not announce when a visitor rings the doorbell or spots a person.

Does Nest Hello work with Apple HomeKit? 

Currently, Hello does not work with HomeKit.


What if someone tries to steal Nest Hello? 

While there's no guarantee that no one will try to make off with your Hello, below are some design features that help it stay put, resist theft, and protect your privacy:

  • Attached securely: Hello’s metal mounting bracket attaches to the wall with screws. The screws and wires are also screwed into the back of Hello. The screws and wires are completely hidden and inaccessible when you snap Hello into its bracket.
nest hello button install
  • Stays put: Once Hello is snapped into its bracket, an intruder would have difficulty pulling it out by force. A removal tool (included in the box) or similar object is required.
  • Requires you to sign in: During setup, you add Hello to the Nest app under your username and password. A thief won’t be able to remove Hello from your account, add it to anybody else’s account, or view its video without signing into the app with the same credentials.

If someone attempts to steal your Hello, you can:

  • Check who did it: Whenever Hello detects a person, it can capture a snapshot and send it to your email. That way you can view the culprit and keep a record of their attempt. To use this feature, make sure you’ve turned on email alerts for people.
  • Review the video: If you have Nest Aware, you can review the entire event in your video history and share a video clip with law enforcement.
  • Get a replacement (US only): In the unfortunate event that your Nest Hello gets stolen, you can get a free replacement if you qualify.
  1. What to do if your Nest Hello video doorbell is stolen

Can video footage be stolen or destroyed by an intruder?

No. Unlike security cameras that rely on local storage like a hard drive or SD card that can be tampered with, Nest Hello’s video footage is streamed securely to the cloud.

With an optional Nest Aware subscription, your video history is stored in the cloud. There's no way to tamper with or delete saved video footage unless someone has access to your account password in the app. For even stronger security, you can add two step verification to your account in the app.

So in the unlikely event that your video doorbell gets damaged or destroyed, with Nest Aware you can go back in your video history to check what happened. And Nest Aware’s continuous 24/7 cloud recording lets you view the entire incident as well as whatever happened before the event.

What if someone cuts my home's power of Wi-Fi?

If your Nest Hello loses power or loses its Wi-Fi connection, the app will notify you that the camera is offline. Even if you’re away from home, you’ll know something has happened and you can ask a trusted friend to check in on things.

When the power or Wi-Fi comes back on, Nest Hello will automatically bring itself back online.

With an optional Nest Aware subscription, Nest Hello’s video will be saved to the cloud so you can review everything up to the point when it lost power or Wi-Fi.


What if I don't want the chime to sound, like when a baby is sleeping? 

The app lets you disable your indoor chime, so you can
prevent someone from creating noise inside your
home when they ring Hello. Even with the indoor
chime disabled, there will still be an audible chime
outside on the doorbell to let your visitor know the
button has been pressed. Your doorbell will also
continue to send notifications to your phone if they’re

hello chime box examples

There are 2 options to turn off the indoor chime:

  • You can turn the indoor chime on or off altogether in the app
  • To temporarily turn off the chime, go to your doorbell’s video feed in the Nest app, tap 
    Quiet Time Quiet time icon, and pick how long you’d like to mute the chime.

Tip: If you have a Google Assistant enabled speaker that announces Nest Hello visitors, this setting will also mute those announcements.

What is the privacy policy? 

Privacy and control of your information is important.

FAQs on privacy: Google Nest

Nest Terms of Service

How to buy 

Where can I buy Nest Hello? 

You can buy Nest Hello at the Google store.

How can I subscribe to Nest Aware? 

Nest Aware is an optional subscription that adds 24/7 continuous recording and more intelligent alerts for your video doorbell. There are 2 Nest Aware plans you can choose from:

  • Nest Aware - 30 days of event based video history. $6 per month or $60 for an annual subscription.
  • Nest Aware Plus - 60 days of event based video history and 10 days of 24/7 continuous video history. $12 per month or $120 for an annual subscription.
  1. Note: If you haven't migrated to a Google Account, and you’re currently a 1st gen Nest Aware subscriber, you can purchase a 1st gen subscription for your Hello.

If you don’t own a Nest Hello yet, you can add one to your cart. You’ll find an option to add a Nest Aware subscription before you check out.

If you already have a Nest Hello, you’ll need to set up your video doorbell in the app first. After that, follow the instructions in this article to add Nest Aware.

Does Nest charge a monthly fee to get notifications or watch video? 

There's no fee to stream full resolution live video and receiving basic notifications, like when someone rings the doorbell, as long as your camera is connected to the internet.

However, you’ll need a Nest Aware subscription to record video and receive advanced notifications. With a Nest Aware subscription your video will be saved to the cloud and you’ll get extra features like familiar face alerts.

After you install Nest Hello, all users can:

  • Get basic notifications: Check who’s ringing your doorbell or who walked up without ringing.
  • Enjoy 24/7 streaming: Check in anytime to watch live video or view a 3-hour snapshot history to check what you missed.
  • Use HD Talk and Listen with the app: Talk to visitors through Nest Hello’s speaker and get their answers loud and clear.
  • Respond to visitors: If you can’t talk at the moment, you can have Nest Hello speak Quick Responses like “Thanks, you can just leave it” when you view someone with a package.
  • Manage settings with the app: Use the app to control your video doorbell whether you’re home or away.

Optional Nest Aware subscription

There's an optional subscription available for Hello called Nest Aware. It's not required to use your video doorbell and it’s up to you to decide if it’s right for you and your home.

Nest Aware adds extra intelligence like familiar face alerts (refer below), that gives you more meaningful alerts when it spots activity. It also adds continuous video recording so you can go back and watch everything Hello saw whether or not someone approached your door.

What you get with a Nest Aware subscription

Does Nest Hello come with a warranty? 

Yes. Nest Hello comes with a standard 2-year warranty.


What if my Nest Hello is having a problem?

Nest's support site is here for you, including step-by-step instructions to solve a number of issues that might come up.

Search Nest's support site for your particular issue or visit the Nest Hello support home pageto check suggestions for troubleshooting topics.

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