How Nest cameras store your recorded video

Google Nest cameras don’t use memory cards to store your video on the camera. Instead, they upload and securely store your video in the cloud, where it’s protected from theft and damage, and you can access it anywhere. For example, if the power goes out or your camera is stolen, all of your information stays safe in the cloud. You can use the Nest app to see everything that happened leading up to that moment.

With a Nest Aware subscription, your camera’s history is saved differently based on whether it’s from event-based recording (EBR) or continuous video recording (CVR). 

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • You need a Nest Aware subscription to use EBR and CVR.
  • Your video is saved on a rolling basis, so your oldest recorded video automatically expires to make room for new video. 
  • The video is encrypted on your camera before being sent securely to the cloud.
  • If you have an EBR subscription (Nest Aware or Nest Aware Plus), you’ll see dark gray gaps in your camera’s Sightline between events. This is normal.
  • If you have a Nest Aware Plus subscription, after 10 days you’ll see gaps in your camera’s Sightline. This is because the app will remove video that contains no activity, so you’ll only see video clips of activity.
  • If you have a 1st gen Nest Aware subscription, you’ll only see gaps in your camera’s Sightline if your camera was turned off or was offline.
  • If you switch from a 1st gen Nest Aware subscription to Nest Aware, your existing 5, 10, or 30 days of CVR history will be converted into EBR history when you purchase Nest Aware. If you get Nest Aware Plus, the last 10 days in your history will stay CVR, and history older than 10 days will be converted to EBR.
  • If you have Nest Aware and upgrade to Nest Aware Plus, your 10 days of CVR history and 60 days of EBR history will start when you purchase your new subscription. 
  • If you have Nest Aware Plus and you switch to Nest Aware, you’ll lose any EBR history older than 30 days, and your last 10 days of CVR will be converted to EBR.

EBR history

EBR automatically creates clips when events are detected in your home. With a basic Nest Aware subscription you get 30 days of EBR, and with a Nest Aware Plus subscription you get 60 days of EBR. 

  • Event clips are created for you automatically based on motion and sound detected by the camera. 
  • Event clips are deleted after 30 days. If there is an event clip you want to keep, you’ll need to save it in the Nest app.
  • You can view, share, and edit event clips from video history in the Nest app or at

CVR history

  • If you have Nest Aware Plus, CVR history is deleted after 10 days 
  • If you have 1st gen Nest Aware, CVR is deleted up to 30 days, depending on which subscription you have. 
  • If your camera catches a moment that you want to keep, you can create a video clip of the activity and download it. You can also share it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or as a link in an email.
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