Learn what Dropcam lights mean

Dropcam lights explained

Your Dropcam or Dropcam Pro camera has a small light on the front that change color or blink depending on the situation. The light provides feedback during each step of the setup process. After setup, it gives you information about power, the Wi-Fi connection, and more. Dropcam light behavior is slightly different from Google Nest cameras.

Light on Dropcam What it means

Solid blue

Dropcam with Blue LED

Your Dropcam is on and connected
to a Wi-Fi network.

Solid yellow

Dropcam with yellow LED

Dropcam is starting up or restarting.

Solid red

Dropcam with red LED

Dropcam didn't complete setup.

Blinking blue and red

Dropcam with LED blinking red and blue

Dropcam can't connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Make sure that the camera is within range
of your router, and check for interference.
Also check that your router's settings. Then try
to set up your Dropcam and connect it to Wi-Fi

Recommended Wi-Fi router settings

How to troubleshoot wireless interference

Blinking yellow

Dropcam with blinking yellow LED

Dropcam is connecting to a Wi-Fi network or
completing setup over Bluetooth LE.

The light will turn solid blue when setup
is complete.

No light

Dropcam with no LED light on


Dropcam's USB cable is disconnected or the outlet
it's plugged into isn't receiving power.

Differences between Dropcam and Nest camera lights

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