Troubleshoot adding a Nest camera to the Nest app or Wi-Fi network

Here are some steps you can take if you’re installing your Google Nest camera and are having trouble connecting it to the Nest app or getting it online. You may also see an error, such as C-206 or C-323, when trying to connect your camera to the Nest app.

Select the issue you’re experiencing:

You see an error code when connecting your camera to the Nest app

If you’re having trouble adding your camera to your account in the Nest app you may see an error, such as C-221 or C-327. If you see any error during setup, such as C-221 or C-327, see the following article.

Troubleshooting Nest camera and Google Nest Hello error codes and messages >

You don’t see an error code, but you’re still unable to finish setup and connect your camera to the Nest app

Try the steps below to help get your camera connected to the Nest app.

1. Check the status of the Nest service

Click here to check the status of the Nest service.

If the Nest service is down, wait for the Nest service to resume to see if you can connect your camera to the Nest app.

While the service is down, you may also see a message The Nest service can’t be reached right now when trying to use the Nest app.

2. Check your camera's distance to the router or access point

Your camera may be out of range.

  • Try moving your camera closer to your Wi-Fi router or access point, then try connecting your camera to the Nest app again.
  • If your camera is already mounted, and you can’t move it easily, try moving your Wi-Fi router or access point closer to your camera instead.

3. Restart your Nest camera

Restarting your camera will refresh its connection.

  1. Unplug your camera’s power adapter from the wall outlet.
  2. Wait 10 seconds, then plug your camera’s power adapter back in.
  3. Your camera will restart automatically.

After the camera finishes restarting, you should see a solid green light on the front of your camera to show that it’s connected, and your camera should come back online in the Nest app within a few minutes.

If you don’t see a green light, or your camera doesn’t come back online in the Nest app, continue to the next troubleshooting step.

4. Make sure your home Wi-Fi is working

Your Nest camera needs to connect to the internet to finish connecting to the Nest app.

Check that you can get online with another device in your home. If you’re using a cell phone, make sure you don’t use cellular data to test your connection.

Tip: To help make sure you’re not using cellular data, turn on Airplane mode and then turn on Wi-Fi.

If you can’t get online with another device, try restarting your router and modem, or contact your internet service provider to check the service status in your area.

5. Restart your router

Restarting your router and modem will reset your internet connection. You should also restart any Wi-Fi range extenders or repeaters if you have them.

Here's how to restart them:

  1. Unplug your modem and router power cords. You may have a combination modem/router, or they may be separate devices. All the lights on your modem and router should be off.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds, then plug your modem and router back in.
  3. Your modem and router will restart. Wait a couple of minutes or until you see steady power and connection lights. You may also see a quickly flashing data light.

Note: Every router and modem is different. You may need to consult your device’s user manual for specific instructions on how to restart it.

Once your router and modem finish restarting, check if your camera has come back online.

6. Check for interference

Almost every network is subject to wireless interference which can cause problems when connecting your camera to the Nest app.

Wireless interference can be caused by:

  • Interference from walls and floors
  • Interference from competing Wi-Fi networks
  • Interference from other electronics

For more information and steps to take to troubleshoot wireless interference, see the following article:

Learn about wireless interference and how to troubleshoot it >

7. Check the settings on your Wi-Fi router/access point

Some settings on your router or access point could be causing a problem with the connection:

Parental controls or firewall security

High firewall security or parental controls can block communication with Nest servers. Refer to your Wi-Fi router/access point documentation to see if these features are enabled on your network and how you can exempt your camera from these restrictions.

Check our recommended Wi-Fi settings for more detailed configuration options:

Recommended Wi-Fi network and router settings >

8. Check the incompatible list

If after you check your router’s settings you’re still having trouble connecting your camera to your Nest app, check that your router or modem is not on the incompatible list.

Wi-Fi routers that are incompatible with Nest products >

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