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Get started with your Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm

Here, you’ll find some articles to help you get started with your Google Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm, including: how to set up and install it, what the lights and sounds mean, and how to change the settings. 

Download your Nest Protect user guide

How to set up and install your Nest Protect

Learn how to add Nest Protect to your account in the Nest app and install it.

Nest Protect basics

Here are a few basics on how to silence Nest Protect, learn about Pathlight, and how to change its settings and know the differences between Heads-Up and Emergency alarms.

Learn more about how Nest Protect works

Your Nest Protect does some work behind the scenes, such as automatically running a Self Test to check its batteries and sensors or running a Sound Check (2nd gen) to check its speakers, buzzer and light ring.

You should also run a Safety Check-Up at least once a month to check that your Nest Protects are working properly.

Troubleshooting Nest Protect

These articles explain what to do when you encounter error codes or have Wi-Fi connectivity issues, when you need to replace the batteries, and ways to clean your smoke and CO alarm.

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