How to change Nest Hello video doorbell settings

Google Nest Hello lets you decide when to get notifications about the activity your camera spots, and what kinds of activity it should look for. You can also choose a different video quality for the footage your camera captures, turn the microphone on and off, and even turn off your home’s indoor chime when you want some peace and quiet.

Here’s how to access your Nest Hello’s settings:

  1. Tap your video doorbell on the Nest app home screen.
  2. Tap the Settings  icon.
  3. See the sections below for details about each setting.

Camera On/Off 

This option lets you manually turn your camera on or off, regardless of your Home/Away Assist settings or schedule (see below).

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Indoor chime On/Off 

If you like, you can turn off your doorbell chime so it won’t ring when someone presses Hello’s button. For example, Indoor chime On/Off can come in handy during sick days when you don’t want to be disturbed by a doorbell ring for an extended period of time.

Hello will still send notifications to your phone when someone rings the doorbell and the visitor will hear a tone when they press the button, but you won’t hear your indoor chime or visitor announcements from your Google Assistant.

If you only want to temporarily mute your doorbell chime, you can select Quiet Time Quiet time icon instead.

Important: If you don’t hear your indoor chime after Quiet Time has ended, check your settings. Make sure the Indoor chime On/Off setting is on.

For more details, see the following article:

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Tip: If your doorbell loses its Wi-Fi connection, the indoor chime will automatically turn back on regardless of its setting in the Nest app. That way, your chime will still work while you’re troubleshooting Wi-Fi and connection issues

Home/Away Assist 

When Home/Away Assist is on, your camera can automatically turn itself on when you’re away and turn back off when you get home.

For more details, see the following article:

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If you want to have Nest Hello’s camera turn on and off at specific times, you can set a schedule.

For more details, see the following article:

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When your camera notices activity, you can have it send an alert to your phone, send an email, or both. You can choose what types of activity your camera looks for and whether to get notifications all the time or only when you’re away.

For more details, see the following article:

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Visitor announcements 

If you have a Google Assistant-enabled speaker or display, you can have it announce when a visitor rings your Nest Hello. It can even announce them by name if you have a Google Nest Aware subscription and you’ve saved your visitor’s name in your familiar faces. You can set this up in the Google Home app.

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Quality and bandwidth 

If your internet connection is slow or if your internet service provider limits how much data you can use in a month, change this setting to have your camera use less data.

For more details, see the following article:

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Night Vision 

Night Vision lets your camera look for activity when there’s little or no light.

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Camera Sharing 

This option lets you see whether you’ve chosen to share your camera’s video stream with others.

For more details, see the following article:

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Activity History 

If you don’t have a Nest Aware subscription, the Nest app will display snapshots of activity spotted by your camera over the last few hours.

If you choose to turn off activity history, your camera will stop capturing snapshots and all your existing snapshots will be deleted.

For more details, see the following article:

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Status Light 

Nest Hello includes a small status light that can turn on whenever your camera is capturing video or when someone’s watching the live feed. This option lets you adjust the brightness of the light.

In addition, Nest Hello’s status light and light ring will always turn on for certain activities. For complete details, see the following article:

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Chime Duration 

This option lets you adjust how long your doorbell rings when someone presses the button on Nest Hello.

Note: This option is only available if you have an electric chime. It won’t work for mechanical chimes.


You can turn Nest Hello’s microphone on or off. Keep in mind, if the microphone is off, it won’t pick up sounds and you won’t be able to hear what people are doing at your door.

Note: Before turning on the microphone or audio recording, make sure that doing so will comply with all applicable privacy laws.

For more details, see the following article:

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Spoken Language 

Whenever someone rings the doorbell, you can tell Nest Hello to reply with a pre-recorded Quick Response in the language of your choice.

For more details, see the following article:

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Doorbell Theme

Seasonal doorbell themes are available for your Hello around the holidays:

  • Halloween (US only)
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • New Years
  • Generic winter sounds

The app will let you know when a seasonal doorbell theme is available and let you choose to use it or not. You can also change the theme or set a different doorbell tone in Settings.

When you turn on a seasonal theme, a unique sound greets visitors when they ring the doorbell. If you use visitor announcements for your Google speaker or display, the sounds will play on the doorbell and in your home.

After the holiday, your doorbell automatically reverts back to the default tone and the seasonal theme disappears in the app. It will return around the same time next year.

Note: If you have a Hello in the US, Halloween sounds become available in October, and disappear in the app shortly before Winter themes become available.

Wi-Fi Connection 

This option lets you choose a different Wi-Fi network for your camera.

Tip: Don’t change this option unless you need to. For example, you might need to change this option if you’ve updated your Wi-Fi password, gotten a new router, or given your Wi-Fi network a new name.

For more details, see the following article:

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This lets you name your Nest Hello with its location, for example, “Porch.” You’ll choose the location from a list during initial setup, but you can change it or add a custom label.

For more details, see the following article:

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Delete History 

If you want, you can permanently delete your camera’s entire video history, including any snapshots your camera recorded. However, this will not delete any clips saved to your account.

Important: When you delete your camera’s video history, everything captured up to this point will be erased. Once your video history and snapshots are deleted, they’re gone forever. They cannot be recovered. We do not keep backups.

For more details, see the following article:

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Remove Camera 

If you need to, you can remove your Nest Hello from your account and start over again.

For more details, see the following article:

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