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About Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera

How does Nest Cam IQ compare to Nest Cam Indoor?

Nest Cam IQ is an intelligent security camera, so it can do things like tell a person from a thing. Nest Cam IQ can even recognize familiar and unfamiliar faces and alert you.* Nest Cam IQ also features Supersight, which delivers crystal clear 1080p HD video along with HDR, 12x digital zoom + enhance, and close-up tracking view.

For specific details including size, weight, sensors, video quality, and more, visit this specs comparison table.

* Familiar face alerts require a Google Nest Aware subscription. Not available on Nest Cams used in Illinois.

What is Supersight?

Supersight is a premium video experience delivered by a combination of hardware, software and the Nest app. Only Nest Cam IQ offers Supersight.

With a 4k sensor, 12x digital zoom + enhance, and High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) imaging, Nest Cam IQ is able to deliver detailed images in crystal clear 1080p, even in uneven lighting conditions. Nest Cam IQ will even show you a picture-in-picture view that includes the full 130° view and a close-up window that tracks people as they move. And thanks to Nest Cam IQ’s 4K sensor, the camera delivers high-quality images even when zoomed in.

How is Nest Cam IQ powered?

Nest Cam IQ plugs into any regular interior power outlet, so your camera streams 24/7. With Nest Cam IQ you will not have to worry about replacing batteries or dropping offline due to depleted batteries.

Nest Cam IQ comes with a 10 ft (3m) power cable with AC adapter. The power cable has USB type-C connectors on both ends. One end of the cable is designed to fit flush with the base of the camera. It isn’t designed to be reversible. Installing the cable inside walls or ceilings is not recommended; the cable may be stripped of its casing and damaged during installation, which could cause a potential safety hazard.

Nest camera IQ cable image.

 Installing Nest Cam IQ

How easy is Nest Cam IQ to install?

Unlike other indoor security cameras that may require complicated hubs and professional installation, Nest Cam IQ is simple to install yourself. All you need to do is choose a good spot, plug in the camera, and set up the camera with the Nest app.

Nest Cam IQ plugs into a regular interior power outlet and works seamlessly with the other Nest products in your home.

Learn more about setting up your Nest Cam IQ  >

Any tips on where I should install my Nest Cam IQ?

We designed Nest Cam IQ for quick and
easy placement just about anywhere. It
comes with its own stand, so you can
simply put your camera on a horizontal
surface like a shelf – no tools needed. The
camera head tilts 160° backward and
forward, so you can set the stand up high
and pivot the camera downward to see the
room. You can also rotate the camera in its
stand 180° left and right to get the perfect

Or, if you prefer to mount Nest Cam IQ on
the wall or ceiling, you can use a third-party
wall mount or tripod. Nest Cam IQ comes
with a 1/4”-20 tripod connector already built into
the bottom of its stand so installation is simple.

Cam IQ image with blocks background

For more details visit our “How to place your Nest Cam IQ inside your home” article.

Security and Privacy 

What is Nest's Privacy policy?

Privacy and control of your information is more important than ever. Below you‘ll find helpful links that discuss the principles that guide our work every day.

Frequently asked questions about Nest privacy  >

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 Using Nest Cam IQ

How does close-up tracking view work?

Nest Cam IQ automatically zooms in and tracks a person when they walk into view so that you can identify them more easily. The Nest app will show you a picture-in-picture view that has the default 130° view and a close-up window that tracks people. It will also automatically track them as they move.

Close-up tracking view is an exclusive feature offered on Nest Cam IQ and is enabled by default.

Learn about Supersight close-up tracking >

How do Person alerts and Familiar face alerts work?

Person alerts - Nest Cam IQ is smart enough to tell the difference between a person and a thing, then alert you with a snapshot of the person detected. Person alerts can let you know when your camera has seen or heard a human – even if it can only see part of the person, like someone’s head.

Learn more about the alerts you’ll get from your camera >

Familiar face alerts - with familiar face alerts, advanced software used by Nest Cam IQ can tell the difference between a face you’ve told it to recognize and one you haven’t. You can teach your camera, so over time it will get smarter and can start to recognize familiar faces. When your camera spots a familiar or unfamiliar face, you can get a mobile notification and view camera footage if you need to investigate further. For example Nest Cam IQ can tell you when loved ones come home, or when an unfamiliar person is inside your home.

* Familiar face alerts require a Nest Aware subscription. Not available on Nest Cams used in Illinois.

Learn more about familiar face alerts >

New people seen page in the Nest app

Does Nest Cam IQ have night vision?

Yes, Nest Cam IQ has two high-power 940nm infrared LEDs, which are positioned so that they completely light up the camera’s full wide-angle view, rather than just a limited spotlight view, like some other cameras do.

Nest Cam IQ uses an IR cut filter during the day to help keep colors accurate. This filter is switched off at night to enable light sensitivity and deliver detailed video. Nest Cam IQ also knows the difference between a burst of light and sunlight, so Night Vision won’t be fooled if someone tries to blind it with a flashlight. It'll stay in Night Vision mode so you can see who’s in front of the camera.

Man getting cookie night vision

Can Nest Cam IQ's video footage be destroyed, or viewed by an intruder?

No. Unlike security cameras that rely on local storage like a hard drive or SD card that can be tampered with, Nest Cam IQ’s video footage is streamed securely to the cloud. With an optional Nest Aware subscription, your continuous video history is stored in the cloud, and there’s nothing an intruder can do about it. If the camera is stolen or damaged, you can go back and see what happened. And Nest Aware’s continuous 24/7 cloud recording lets you view the entire incident, and everything that happened before and after.

Your password-protected free account keeps the Nest products in your home secure. If someone steals your Nest Cam IQ, they won’t be able to view your video history.

What if the camera is unplugged or the cord is cut?

If the camera loses power, you’ll get an alert that the camera is offline. Even if you’re away from home, you’ll know something has happened. Without power, the camera won’t be able to send activity alerts or stream video to the cloud. But if you have a Nest Aware subscription, you can review your video history up to the point the camera lost power.

If the camera was simply unplugged, you can plug it back in and it will automatically reconnect and start streaming. You don’t need to go through setup again.

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