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How to check and change your Nest × Yale Lock's batteries

The Nest app will send you a notification that it’s time to change the batteries, before they reach a critical level. You’ll get a second notification when they’re very low. Changing the batteries is simple, and you only need four standard AA alkaline batteries.

How to change or remove the lock batteries 

You’ll need either the battery cover key that came in the box with your lock or a thumbtack. A small screwdriver or hex wrench may also work.

  1. Insert the key or thumbtack into the hole on top of the battery compartment and press down firmly.

  2. Grip the cover near the top and pull it off while you continue pressing with the key or thumbtack.

  3. Remove all the batteries, then replace them with any standard AA alkaline batteries.

  4. Note: Do not use rechargeable NiMH batteries or other kinds of batteries.

  5. To replace the cover, insert the two tabs on the bottom into the holes in the lock, then push it on until the tab at the top locks it on. You’ll hear a click when it does. Any low battery notifications you see in the app should disappear.
Remove batteries


How to check the lock's battery charge 

There’s no need to worry about your lock’s batteries. The Nest app and your lock will let you know when the batteries are getting low, so you’ll have plenty of time to change them before they’re drained.

In the app

  • You’ll see a Low battery or Very low battery message on the lock screen. When the battery is very low, the lock button will also change from white to yellow.


  • You’ll get two notifications from the Nest app: the first when they’re getting low and have about a month of life left, and the second notification when they’re critically low and should be replaced right away.

On the lock

  • When you lock or unlock the lock with the keypad, it will also speak to let you know that the batteries are getting low.
  • You’ll also see a red low battery icon on the lock’s keypad when you use it.

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