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How to check the status of your Nest Secure alarm system

You can see what’s going on with Google Nest Secure in the Nest app or on your Google Nest Guard. You can look at Nest Guard’s lights to see the armed status or press the Info button to hear more details. With the app, you can see if it’s armed or disarmed, who armed it last, check Nest Detect status, and more.

How to check Nest Secure status with the Nest app

1. Simply look at the Security icon on the Nest app home screen.

The shield in the icon will change to reflect which your system is in:


away and guarding icon Away and guarding

nest guard icon  Home and guarding

nest guard icon  Off

Security icon will also change color.

  • Black: off.
  • Blue: armed in Home and guarding or Away and
  • guarding. (the shield will show you which one)
  • Yellow: something needs your attention.
  • Red: the alarm is sounding.

Learn more about Nest Security levels >

away mode thermostat image

2. If you want more details, tap the Security icon and
you’ll see the individual status of each Google Nest Detect and
Guard. The screen background will also change color depending on

what level you have Security set to:

  • Off is black
  • Home and guarding is dark blue
  • Away and guarding is bright blue

If something needs your attention, you’ll see a yellow
triangle next to it. Tap on it for more information.

You can also see if any doors or windows are open or
closed. To see when an event happened, tap on 
History to see more details.

Learn more about Security History >

set to home and guarding

How to check Security status with Nest Guard

If you’re at home, you can just glance at Nest Guard’s light ring to see what’s happening. Both the colored light ring and the icons in the keypad will light up to show you what’s happening.

When the light ring is:

  • Green:someone has pressed the button on a Detect and
    turned on Quiet Open.
  • Red: the alarm is sounding
  • Yellow: something needs your attention. Press the Info guard info icon  
    button and Guard will tell you what it is.
Nest secure guard image

The security level icons will also be lit up:

  • Blue: the system is armed in the corresponding security level
  • Green:someone has pressed the button on a Detect and turned on Quiet Open
    The Info guard info icon   button will also light up and change color. Simply press the button and Nest Guard will speak and tell you the details.
  • Off: no issues have been detected
  • White: one or more potential issues exist (such as a window left open). Your Guard will let you know which window or door is open. You’ll still be able to arm your system and Guard will ignore that window or door until it’s closed.
  • Yellow: an issue (such as a low battery) needs your attention. Your Nest Guard will let you know what’s wrong. You’ll still be able to arm your system.
  • Red: a critical issue (like a hardware failure) needs your attention and will prevent arming.

Learn more about what you'll see and hear from Nest Security >

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