How to reset Nest Protect and erase all your personal settings

  • Resetting your Google Nest Protect will restore its default settings. You may need to do this if you change your Wi-Fi network’s name (SSID) or password, or get a new Wi-Fi router.
  • Resetting Nest Protect will not remove it from your account. You'll need to do this with the Nest app. 
  • If you’ve simply selected the wrong spoken language during setup, see How to change the language your Nest Protect speaks.
  • Before resetting your Nest Protect, you may want to read the following article: 

What to do when you change your Wi-Fi network password or get a new router

What resetting does

Nest Protect will still detect smoke and CO

Erasing all settings on your Nest Protect does not change its ability to detect smoke or carbon monoxide. The alarm will still sound if either are detected. 

Resetting Protect to factory defaults:

  • Disconnects it from other Nest Protects, if you have them
  • Disables notifications sent from that Protect to your phone or tablet 
  • Deletes Wi-Fi settings
  • Erases the room name that you chose, Pathlight and other device settings 

Steps to erase all settings on Nest Protect

  • You cannot erase the settings on your Nest Protects with the Nest app.
  • You’ll need physical access to your Nest Protects in order to erase all settings and must perform these steps on every Nest Protect you want to reset. 
  1. Press and hold the button on Nest Protect. It will chime and the light will turn blue.
  2. Release the button when Nest Protect starts speaking its version number.
  3. Nest Protect will start an audible countdown and tell you it’s erasing all settings. Cancel the reset by pressing the button again.
  4. After a few seconds your Nest Protect will reset.
  5. Remove Protect from your account, if needed.
    • Tap SettingsNest settings icon  on the app home screen.
    • Select the Nest Protect you just reset.
    • Scroll down and select Remove Nest Protect. Confirm your selection.​

To reconnect Nest Protect to Wi-Fi 

Follow the steps in the article below before you reinstall Protect on the ceiling or wall. You will need to scan the QR Code or type in the 6-digit entry key found on the back of your Nest Protect.

How to set up a Nest Protect with the Nest app


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