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Opt-out of snapshots and activity history

Activity history is turned on by default for your camera or doorbell. Turning activity history off will delete all current snapshots and will prevent any new snapshots from appearing in the app. However, you’ll still get snapshots for any alert notifications or emails you have enabled for your camera.

Note: These instructions only apply to Nest cameras that were originally set up and managed with the Nest app. You’ll only see the option in the app to turn activity history off if you don’t have an active paid or trial Nest Aware subscription.

Turn off activity history snapshots

1. Open the Nest app.
2. Select the camera you want to control.
3. Tap Settings Nest settings icon.
4. Select Activity History.
5. Tap the button to disable activity history snapshots. Tap again to re-enable them.

Important: Turning activity history off for one of your cameras will also disable activity history for any new cameras that you add to your account in the app. If you have multiple cameras already added to your account, you'll need to disable Activity history for each camera separately.

If you purchase a Nest Aware subscription after turning activity history off, you’ll start getting snapshots automatically. Activity history is always on for cameras with an active Nest Aware subscription.

Snapshots can’t be turned off with Nest Aware

You won’t see the option to turn off activity history snapshots if you have an active Nest Aware subscription (paid or trial) for your camera.

If you’d like to keep getting new activity history snapshots, but you just want to erase the snapshots that are currently in your Sightline, see the following article to learn how: How to delete your camera’s video history and snapshots.

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