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How to trigger Nest Secure’s panic alarm

A panic alarm can help scare off potential intruders by sounding a loud siren. The panic button is located on the rear of Google Nest Guard, above the power port. It works the same whether your system is set to Away and Guarding, Home and Guarding or Off. Google Nest Secure can also send a notification to anyone who shares access to your home; however, it won’t notify the police or any professional monitoring service.


Nest secure guard back panic button

How to use the panic button

Press and hold the panic button on the back of Nest Guard until the alarm sounds. The light ring will also turn red.

What happens when the alarm sounds >

Note: If you release the button before the light ring fully turns red, the alarm won’t sound. That way, if you accidentally touch the panic button you won’t trigger the alarm.

How to silence a panic alarm

The panic alarm will continue to sound for 10 minutes or until you silence it by disarming your system by entering a passcode on Guard, holding Tag on Guard, or by using the Nest app. For more information, see the following article:

How to arm and disarm Nest Secure >

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