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What to do if Nest Protect detects smoke in your home

If Google Nest Protect senses smoke and gives you a Heads-Up during a nuisance alarm (like steam from the shower or smoke from cooking), carefully inspect and address the source of the problem.

If smoke reaches emergency alarm levels, Nest Protect will sound a continuous alarm and tell you that it's an emergency. If your alarm is connected to Wi-Fi, you will also receive a push notification with the instructions below. The Nest app's 'What to Do' feature also provides preparation and planning.

According to fire and safety experts, here are the steps to take in case of fire:

  • Follow your evacuation plan.
  • Alert small children in the home and those who may need extra assistance.
  • Leave the building as quickly as possible. Touch doors with the back of your hand and make sure that they are not hot before opening them. Use an alternative exit, if necessary. Close the doors behind you as you are exiting the building.
  • Meet at a pre-arranged meeting place outside the building.
  • Once outside, do a head count and call the fire service.
  • Do not re-enter the house unless a firefighter says that it's safe.

Source: National Fire Protection Association

Be prepared with the Nest app

When an emergency occurs, you'll get essential tips and an emergency number button so that you can call quickly.  You can also prepare for an emergency ahead of time. Tap your Protect in the app. Then tap Settings Nest settings icon and then What to Do. Here you'll learn how to plan an evacuation, safely exit and more

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