How to change your camera’s video quality

The video quality and bandwidth setting lets you choose how much of your internet connection gets used by your camera to stream video. Higher quality settings use more bandwidth. No matter which option you pick, both your camera and the Nest app will automatically adjust their resolution to work with available bandwidth.

The Quality and bandwidth setting in the Nest app lets you choose how much bandwidth your camera uses to stream video. The higher the setting, the more bandwidth your camera uses.

If your camera frequently disconnects, or if the other Wi-Fi devices in your home seem slower than normal when your camera is streaming video, try lowering your camera’s Quality and bandwidth setting. If that fixes the immediate issue, you should try to troubleshoot the root cause, which is usually a Wi-Fi connection or bandwidth issue.

Tip: If you want to know exactly how much bandwidth and total monthly data your camera typically uses for each option, visit Nest’s support site and search on “Nest camera bandwidth requirements.”

After you pick a video quality setting, your camera will take a moment to restart and switch to the new setting. There may be a few seconds gap in your video feed while your camera restarts.

Note: If you have a Nest Aware subscription and you pick a lower video quality setting, you won’t be able to go back and watch your video history at a higher resolution than what you selected.

Your camera’s video quality options are located in Settings Nest settings icon and then Quality and bandwidth Nest cam video quality icon.

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