How to test and troubleshoot Nest Secure’s alarm

Google Nest Secure continuously monitors itself and automatically lets you know if anything needs your attention. But you can also run a manual check on each Google Nest Detect, Google Nest Guard and Google Nest Tag you have.

During installation, the Nest app will walk you through testing the Guard’s motion detection, testing Detect’s open/close sensing and motion detection, and checking for cellular availability in your area.

After installation, Nest Secure will automatically monitor its batteries, sensors, wireless connections and more. It will send you a notification and speak to you to let you know when something needs your attention, but you can manually test it whenever you want.

In addition, if you want your system to comply with UL guidelines, you’ll need to test Nest Detects once a week to verify that they are working.

Note: To perform the tests below, all parts of Nest Secure must be powered on and have sufficient battery charge. Your Guard should also be plugged in to AC power and connected to your Wi-Fi network.

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