How to set or change passcodes for Nest Secure and the Nest × Yale Lock

With the Nest app, the Owner of a Nest home can create and change the passcodes used to arm and disarm Google Nest Guard, to lock or unlock the Google Nest × Yale Lock, or silence an alarm. You can set a unique passcode for each person who has access to your Nest home, including guests that have Home Entry Only.

Each person who shares access to your Nest home gets a unique passcode that helps identify them when they use their passcode. This passcode is unique to the person and can’t be the same between people. Passcodes should not be shared to maintain the security of your home.

A passcode is a 4 to 8 digit number that you enter on Guard’s keypad to arm, disarm, or silence an alarm. The same passcode is used on the Nest × Yale Lock’s keypad to lock or unlock the door. You can change your own passcode as often as you like and set passcodes for people with Home Entry Only access.

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