Filter music with explicit content

Filters can help you place limits on how people in your household can use Google Home. You can use Filters to do things like block access to music with explicit lyrics, or define which video services are enabled.

Note: Filters are a part of Google Home’s Digital Wellbeing, a set of tools that you can use to control when and how your Google Home devices are used. To set up Digital Wellbeing on Google Home for the first time, please see the instructions here.

If you’ve already set up Digital Wellbeing, but want to set up or change your filter settings, please go here.

Music filter settings

You can choose whether music filtering applies to all users or guests and users with accounts managed by Family Link. Filters can be applied to specific Google Home devices, or all of your Google Home devices. You have three options:

  • Allow any music - Explicit content will not be filtered at all and all services will be available. Anyone using Google Home to play music can listen to any music available from your connected streaming services.
  • Only non-explicit music - Guests and users with accounts managed by Family Link will only be able to use specific services which support playing non-explicit content and will only be able to play non-explicit songs.
  • Block all music - No music will play from the device.

Note: No filter is 100% accurate, but if you select to restrict explicit music it should help avoid most mature language and themes.
Note: Podcasts, Audio Books and radio stations accessed through services such as iHeartRadio and TuneIn are always available, regardless of your music filter setting.


Music filtering is currently available in the following music services:

  1. YouTube Music
  2. Google Play Music

Restricted content

You can ask Google Home to play a song, album, artist, genre or personal playlist. Here is what happens when a user plays music that includes content that’s restricted to them:


Google Home will try to play a “clean” version of the song if available, however if an explicit version was selected, Google Home will skip it and instead play a selection of similar songs by related artists.


Google Home will skip any explicit songs on an album. If all of the songs on the album are restricted, the album won’t be played.

Artist or Band

When a specific artist is played, Google Home will shuffle songs from that artist’s catalog. With the music filter turned on, songs featuring explicit lyrics will not be played.

Playlists (Personal and automatically generated)

Any songs featuring explicit content in the playlist will be skipped.

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