Photo frame on your Google Nest display

When your Google Nest display is not being used, it can quietly keep you entertained. You can choose from your favourite albums in Google Photos, enjoy the art gallery or select from a variety of full-screen traditional and abstract clocks to show while your device is idle.

Photo frame settings

To adjust your Photo frame settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. Tap your Nest display and then Settings .
  3. Scroll down to "Device settings", then tap Photo frame.

Google Photos

With Google Photos you can enjoy the photos that mean the most to you on your Nest display. In order to enjoy your personal photos, you need to have a Google Photos account. For instructions on getting started with a Google Photos account, click here.

Note: You can explore the Google Photos Help Centre for further help with Google Photos.

Setting up Live Albums

Live albums take the work out of updating the photos on your Nest display by letting you create an album that automatically adds photos of the people or pets who matter to you most. You can share a live album with anyone you want, just like any other album in Google Photos. 

To set up a live album in the Google Home app, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Home appGoogle Home app.
  2. Tap your Nest display and then Settings .
  3. Scroll down to "Device settings", then tap Photo frame.
  4. Tap Google Photos and then Select family and friends.
  5. Tap each face that you want to include.
  6. Once you’ve finished selecting people for your Live Album, tap Confirm.

Your Live Album photos will now appear on your Nest display.

You can also create Live Albums within the Google Photos app. For more information, see Create and edit photo albums.

Expanding your Live Albums

Each Live Album that you create has a limit of 20,000 photos. To expand beyond that, follow the steps below to create a new Live Album that only auto-adds photos going forward.

  1. Open the Google Photos appPhotos.
  2. Tap Albums and then New albumAdd.
  3. Tap Add a title to name your new album.
  4. Tap More More and thenOptions and thenAutomatically add photosAdd.
  5. Select the faces whose photos you want auto-added (ensure that "Add older photos from my library" is disabled).
  6. Tap Turn on.
  7. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  8. Tap your Nest display and then Settings .
  9. Scroll down to "Device settings", then tap Photo frame.
  10. Tap Google Photos, then tap your new album to enable it for Photo frame.

Note: Having multiple Google Photos albums enabled at the same time is supported.

Adding or removing albums

You can add or remove albums from the Home app by tapping Photo frame in device settings, then selecting Google Photos.

From this section you can do the following:

Create a Family & Friends album

If you have face groups enabled and the Google Photos app installed on your phone, you will have an option to create an automatically updating album that contains what Google Photos thinks are the best pictures of the people that you most care about. To do so, press the 'Select Family & Friends' tile in the album picker. Then select the faces of the people whose pictures you want and tap Confirm or Done. You will then see a 'Family & Friends' album appear in the album picker, already selected for you. This album will automatically update with new pictures of the people that you selected whenever they get added to your Google Photos collection.  

Select Recent Highlights

Google Photos can auto-select what it thinks are your best recent photos and show them on your display. To enable this, select the 'Recent highlights' album. This option will only show if you have high-quality recent photos in your collection.

Select Favourites

If you have marked at least four photos in your collection as Favourites, then this option will also appear in the album selection screen. If you select it, all the photos that you’ve marked as Favourites will show on your display. You can mark photos as Favourites from within the Google Photos app or website by tapping on the star icon.

Select an existing private or shared album

Your private and shared albums are also available to select. Shared albums are only shown if they have a name.

Photo curation

Google Photos automatically attempts to select what it thinks are the best photos from your Live Albums and Recent Highlights. From your existing private and shared albums, Google Photos attempts to remove objectively bad photos (blurry, poor exposure, low resolution, near duplicate) but will not otherwise curate the contents of your albums.  You can completely turn off curation for private and shared albums by changing the “Personal photo curation” setting to “Live albums only”. No curation at all is done on your Favourites.

Note: If photos in your private and shared albums aren’t showing and you expect them to, turn off curation for those albums by changing the “Personal photo curation” setting to “Live albums only”.

Hidden Photos

Photos that are archived or that have hidden faces will not appear on your Nest display. If you do not want a particular photo to show on Hub, archive it from within Google Photos or follow the steps below to archive it directly from Hub.

Note: For more information on hiding faces or face groups, visit the Google Photos support page.

Portrait Photos

Portrait photos are now shown in a side-by-side format, with two related photos. Google Photos uses a number of signals to relate photos, including if they have the same person in them (in territories where face grouping is enabled), were taken close together in time, or were taken close together in location.

Note: Using photos or art in Photo frame consumes data. To reduce data consumption, increase the slideshow time. This will cause fewer photos to be downloaded. To avoid data consumption altogether, use the fullscreen clock option instead.

Interacting with photos on your Nest display

As the photos are displayed, you can navigate through the photos as you wish. To go to the next photo, either swipe left or say “Ok Google, next photo”. To go to the previous photo, either swipe right or say “Ok Google, previous photo”. While the photos are showing, you can ask questions like “when was this taken?” or “where was this taken?” to learn more about the photo.

Remove a photo

To prevent a photo from displaying on your Nest display, say “Ok Google, remove this photo” and follow the prompts to confirm the removal. Removing a photo archives it in Google Photos, so it will no longer appear in your main Photos view, but will remain in any albums that it is already in. Archived photos can be viewed in the “'Archive' section in Google Photos.

Favourite or share a photo

To favourite a photo, say “Ok Google, favourite this” and if necessary follow the prompts to confirm. This will mark the photo as a favourite in Google Photos. If you have the Favourites album selected to show on your Nest display, the newly-favourite photo will now be shown as part of that album.

To share a photo, say “Ok Google, share this photo with <contact name>” where <contact name> is the name of one of your Google contacts. Then follow the prompts to confirm your choices and share the photo. The photo will be shared via Google Photos, and the recipient will receive an email or text message notifying them that they have received a new photo.

Note: Face grouping in Google Photos is not available in the UK, Illinois or Texas.
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