Have a conversation with Google Home

With Continued Conversation, you can have a conversation with Google Home without saying “Ok Google” before each question.

Note: Your Assistant language must be set to English. Please use Android Google Search App (AGSA) 8.7 or higher to access Continued Conversation within Assistant Settings on an Android device.

Turn on Continued Conversation

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Home app Google Home app.

  2. Tap Account  and thenSettings Settings icon and then Assistant tab and then Continued Conversation.

  3. Turn Continued Conversation on.

Note: When you turn on Continued Conversation, it's on for all devices that you have set up. To see which devices this setting applies to, tap Account  and then Settings  and then Assistant tab and then Continued Conversation .

How it works

Say “Ok Google” and ask your question or give a command. You’ll know your Assistant is listening if the LED lights on top of the device are spinning (Google Home) or pulsing (Google Home Mini and Google Home Max). After your Assistant responds, it listens for about 8 seconds for your follow-up questions.

Example: Say “Ok Google, what’s the weather like today?” After your Assistant shares today’s weather, you can ask “And what about tomorrow?” and get the forecast. 

End the conversation

If you’ve finished your conversation with your Assistant, you can stop talking or start talking to someone else. Your Assistant will know your conversation is finished and the microphone will close. 

You can also immediately end the conversation by saying any of the following commands:

  • Thank you
  • Thanks, Google
  • I've finished

Features that you can’t use with Continued Conversation

You can’t have a conversation with your Assistant:

  • During a phone call
  • When alarms/timers are going off
  • When you’re listening to media

Frequently asked questions

How long is the microphone kept open for?

The microphone stays open for about 8 seconds if it doesn't hear any speech. If it does detect speech it will remain open until it decides that you've finished talking. 

When does the microphone reopen?

The mic will automatically reopen after you ask the Assistant a question and it's finished responding. The only times that this doesn't happen are:

  • During ongoing sessions such as calls, alarms/timers going off and media
  • If you say "Thank you” or “I’ve finished”

How do I know if the microphone is reopened?

You'll see the lights on top of your Google Home device light up when the mic is open.

You can choose to hear a sound after saying “Ok Google” to know when the mic is opened and closed. These sounds also work when Continued Conversation opens and closes the mic.

Can more than one person participate in a conversation? 

When someone says “Ok Google” to wake up Google Home, anyone in the room can participate in the conversation. One person can ask a question, while someone else can ask the follow up. 

Note: Google Assistant will access the information of the person who starts the conversation. If someone else wants to ask about their own personal information, such as what’s next on their calendar, they will need to start a new conversation. 

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