Introducing Smart Sound, a dynamic sound experience for Google Home Max

Google Home Max is our first speaker with Smart Sound, a new audio experience where your speaker adapts to your environment, content, and tastes. Room EQ and Media EQ are two Smart Sound features. 

Room EQ

Once you set up Max, Room EQ measures the acoustics of your space. Walls in a room can amplify the bass, leading to a muddled sound in which the bass overpowers the vocals of your music. 

Room EQ automatically corrects for this excess bass. This leads to a more balanced sound. Smart Sound is always working — if you move Max to another side of the room, it adapts within seconds, no settings required.

You can further personalize your listening experience by manually tuning bass and treble sound settings

Note: The microphone must be on for Room EQ to work.

Media EQ

With Media EQ, Max dynamically changes the equalization based on what you're listening to: your Google Assistant’s voice, music, or a phone call.


Google Home Max | Introducing Smart Sound

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