How to place Google Home Max

You can place Google Max vertically or horizontally so it fits naturally into your home. Here are the benefits for each placement. 

Place speakers in the best position in your room

For the best sound quality, place the two speakers:

  • on top of the silicone bases, with the bases placed in the middle of the bottom of the speakers.
  • on top of a solid, level surface, and away from the edge of the surface.
  • about 10 ft apart.
  • about 8-10 feet from your typical listening position.
  • at the same height. This height should be around the same height as your ears.
  • in the same orientation, either both sitting vertically or both sitting horizontally. 

Max orientation

Horizontal placement

If you place Max horizontally, it outputs stereo sound. Most music is produced in stereo. Use this placement if you want a wider soundstage.

Vertical placement

If you place Max vertically, it outputs mono sound. Use this placement if you need your device to occupy less space.


The power cord should always be close the resting surface for both the horizontal and vertical placements. If you've set Max upside down, your Google Assistant will remind you to change the placement. 


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