Set and manage reminders on Google Home

You can ask your Google Home to set, repeat back, or delete reminders. Reminders can be set for yourself or for others. They can be set for a certain time or for when someone is at a certain place.

Notifications will appear on your Google Home and on your phone at the time you scheduled them to occur or on your phone when you reach your set location. When you assign a reminder to someone else, they can get a notification on their device. This feature is not available for G Suite accounts. Assignable reminders are only available in the U.S. in English.

Note: If Digital Wellbeing is enabled, this feature may be restricted or blocked by Downtime, Filters, or Do not disturb. Please go here for more information on Digital Wellbeing.

Step 1. Download the Google Assistant app

If you haven’t already, download and set up the Google Assistant app

Step 2. Set up personalization

One person using Google Home

Personal results must be turned on to manage reminders. If you don't turn on Personal results, you'll still see a reminder notification on Google Home but you won't be able to hear the reminder. 

  1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Google Home device.
  2. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  3. In the bottom right corner of the Home screen, tap Account .
  4. Verify that the Google Account  listed is the one linked to Google Home.  To switch accounts, click the triangle to the right of the account name and email address.
  5. In the bottom left corner of the screen, tap Home
  6. Tap the device you want to set up personal results for and then Settings .
  7. Turn Personal results on On or off Off
To prevent others from accessing your reminders, link your Google Account and voice to Google Home.
Multiple people using Google Home

If multiple people are using the same Google Home, everyone who wants to hear, set, and manage personal reminders on Google Home must set up Voice Match, even the person who set up Google Home. This will prevent others from hearing and managing your reminders.

If you've already set up Voice Match, skip these steps. 

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. In the bottom right corner, tap Account .
  3. Verify that the Google Account that is listed is the one linked to Google Home. To switch accounts, click the triangle to the right of the account name.
  4. Tap SettingsSettings icon or More settings Nest and then image. Assistant tab Nest and then image. Voice match Nest and then image. plus.
  5. Make sure any devices you want to link your voice to are checked.
  6. Tap Continue Nest and then image. I agree.
  7. Follow the steps.
  8. To hear personal information, you must turn on Personal results. Tap I agree and proceed with the Voice Match setup.
  9. To invite others to set up Voice Match for tailored results, tap INVITE, choose your communication method, and send the invite. To skip this step, tap No thanks.

Set and manage reminders

You can create and manage reminders directly on Google Home, Google Nest Hub, or from the Google Home app on your phone. 

Note: You can set a reminder for either a time or location, but not both. For example, you can't set a reminder for at home at 3 p.m.  

On Google Home
To do this...  Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google," then...

Create a time-based reminder


  • If you say "Set a reminder for tomorrow" before 5 am, the reminder occurs that same day. 
  • If you say "Set a reminder for tomorrow" after 5 am, the reminder occurs that next day. 

Remind <name> to <title> <date> <time>.

"Remind me to call Mom this Sunday at noon."

Create a recurring reminder

Remind <name> to <action> <frequency> <time>.

"Remind me to take my medicine every day at 8pm."

Create a reminder for someone else

Note: To assign a reminder to others, the person must be in your Google contacts and you need to be in a family group with them.


You need to be in their Google contacts and linked to the same device as them, such as a speaker or Smart Display.

Remind <name> to <action> <frequency> <time>.

“Remind Ryan to load the dishwasher every day at 8pm”

Create a location-based reminder

Location categories:

  • Specific places and addresses
  • Specific businesses
  • Business categories, like grocery store, mall, or pet store.
  • Home or work address (Not assignable)

Remind <name> to <action> <location>.

"Remind me to empty the dishwasher when I get home.” 

"Remind Tom to get a latte when he’s at Starbucks.”

Ask about a reminder

"What are my reminders?"

"What are my reminders tomorrow?"

"When is my reminder to <title>?"

“What are my reminders from Dave?”

Check reminders you assigned to someone else “What reminders have I sent to Katie?”
Delete a single or all reminders

"Delete my reminders for tomorrow"

"Delete reminder to <title>."

"Delete the reminder from Elizabeth.”

"Delete all of my reminders."

From your phone
  1. Make sure your phone or tablet is on the same Wi-Fi network as Google Home.
  2. Make sure the Google Account signed in to your mobile phone or tablet browser is the same account used to link to Google Home.

Create a reminder 

  1. Open the Google Assistant app .
  2. Tap  and then say "Add a reminder" and then say or type the reminder information.

See your reminders

There are two ways to see your reminders. Open the Google Assistant app , then...

  • Tap your profile icon and then Services and then Reminders. You'll see your reminders sorted by time or
  • Tap  and then say "What are my reminders?"

Mark as done

  1. Open the Google Assistant app.
  2. Tap your profile icon and then Services and then Reminders and then check the box next to the reminder.

Edit a reminder 

  1. Open your Google Calendar Calendar
  2. Tap the reminder you want to update.
  3. Tap Edit  and then update the details and then Done.

Tip: To move a reminder, drag it to a new time and date on your calendar. 

You can also change the details of a reminder, like the time, location with your voice.

For example, you can say: “Ok Google, what’s my next reminder?”; “Ok Google, change it to 5 PM.”

Delete a reminder

  1. Open the Google Assistant app.
  2. Tap your profile icon and then Services and then Reminders and then your reminder.
  3. In the top right, tap Delete .

Get reminders

Time-based reminders set on Google Home and any Google app, like Calendar and Inbox, can be accessed on Google Home and your phone. 

Location-based reminders only appear on your phone. They don't trigger on Google Home. 

On Google Home

When it's time for your reminder:

  1. The LED light on Google Home will flash. Then a single white light on Google Home will remain on for 10 minutes. 
  2. Hear the reminder by using one of these voice commands:
    1. "Ok Google, what's up?"
    2. "Ok, Google, what are my notifications?"
    3. "Ok Google, what are my reminders?"
  3. After your Assistant reads your reminder, it will be marked as read. 

You can ask about the day's reminders at any time by saying "Ok Google, what are my reminders?"

Note: Your Google Home will only say out loud that you have a reminder if you previously set the reminder on the Google Home with your voice.

On your phone

If you’ve downloaded the Google Assistant app and turned on Notifications, you’ll see a notification on your phone. Tap the notification to manage the reminder. 

Manage reminder notifications 

Turn on or off all reminder notifications on Google Home

To turn off the vocal notifications and the LED light notification,

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. From Home , tap Account  and then More settings and then Assistant. 
  3. Under "Assistant devices," tap the Google Home device you want to change.
  4. Turn on or off Home screen & notifications.


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