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Get local business information

With your Google Nest or Home speaker or display, you can search for local places and ask for important information, like hours of operation, or addresses.

Ask for local business information

Below are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on your speaker or display about local places and information:

To do this: Say ‘Hey Google’, then:
Get nearby locations

‘Where are pharmacies nearby?’
‘Any ATMs nearby?’
‘Find me a restaurant’

Get business phone number ‘What's the phone number for the nearest Boots?’
Get business address

‘What's the address for Boots in Birmingham?’

Get business opening hours ‘Is the Boots on High Street open right now?’
Important: Be specific with your query to hear the correct local business information.


If your Google Assistant on your speaker or display doesn't provide the local business information you expected:

  1. Confirm your speaker or display's address.
  2. Be more specific with your request and say the business name or more details.
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