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With Google Home, you can stay up to date on your favourite sports, teams and games using your voice.

Ask for sports updates 

Here are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on Google Home about teams, scores, schedules and more.

To do this: Say "Ok Google" or “Hey Google”, then... What Google Home will say or do:
Hear the score for a match  “What was the score of the Manchester United match?” The score for the match

Hear how a team’s doing


 “How are Manchester United doing?” The score for the match if it’s in progress.
The team’s overall win/loss record
Hear information about team's standing in a league “What is Manchester United's standing?”
“What is Manchester United's record?”
The league’s standings and leaders
Hear the next match for a team/tournament  “When are Manchester United playing next?” The day, time, location and who they are playing for the next match
Hear the schedule of a team or league

“Who are Manchester United playing today/this week?”

“Who’s playing in the <league> today?”

The schedule for team or league
Hear if team won or lost  “Did Manchester United win/lose? “ Whether team won or lost
Hear league standings "<League> standings"
The first ranked team   

Supported sports and leagues 

Sport League(s)
Baseball MLB, Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), Nippon Professional Baseball
Basketball NBA, WNBA, NCAA Men's Division I
Football (American) NFL, NCAA Division I FBS football
Football (Canada) Canadian Football League
Hockey NHL, Kontinental Hockey League
Cricket International Cricket Council, Indian Premier League
Football Global leagues and tournaments

Note: Other sports and leagues are coming soon.


If Google Home doesn't provide the sports information you requested, be more specific with your request. Ex. Provide team name. 

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