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Set and manage alarms and media alarms on your Google Nest speaker or display

Note:​ Conversational actions are no longer available. Learn more here.

Set an alarm on your Google Nest or Home speaker or display to help you wake up or start an important task at the desired time.

Use your voice or the Nest display screen to set a general alarm that will play a tone. If available in your region and language, you can also use your voice to set an alarm that will play media from your default provider.

The alarm will play only on the speaker or display that you used to set it up.

Note: On Nest displays, you can change your alarm's default settings, such as the general alarm tone or length of time it sounds. On speakers, the default settings can't be changed.

Use your voice to set an alarm

Use voice commands to set, cancel, ask about an alarm, and stop or snooze a ringing alarm.

General alarms
To do this: Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google," then:
Set new alarm "Set alarm for 6 AM tomorrow"
Set an alarm with a name "Set an alarm for 7 AM called Medicine"
Set a recurring alarm "Set alarm for 7 AM every day of the week"
Ask about an existing alarm "When is my alarm set for?"
"When is my Friday alarm?"
"When is my medicine alarm?"
Ask about all alarms "What alarms are set?"
Cancel an existing alarm "Cancel my alarm"
"Cancel my medicine alarm"

Stop a ringing alarm


To stop an alarm, you don't need to say "Hey Google." Just say "Stop." (English language only)

Snooze "Snooze for 10 minutes"
Media alarm

You can set your favorite music as an alarm. Select a song, artist, genre or playlist from your default music service in the Google Home app. If you have a premium account with your default music service, you can also use the premium options the service offers.


  • This feature is only available in the US.
  • This feature is available in the following languages:
    • Google Nest and Home speakers: English, French (France and Canada), German, Japanese and Spanish
    • Google Nest displays: English (United States)
To do this: Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google," then:
Set media, music or radio alarm "Set [radio station] radio alarm for 6 AM tomorrow."
"Set [song or artist] music alarm for 7 AM Monday."
Set recurring media, music or radio alarm "Set [song or artist] music alarm for 7 AM every day."
Ask about existing alarm "When is my alarm set for?"
Ask about all alarms "What alarms are set?"
Cancel an existing alarm "Cancel my alarm."
Stop a ringing alarm "Stop."
Snooze "Snooze for 10 minutes."

Note: If your speaker or display isn't connected to Wi-Fi at the time of the media alarm, a general alarm will sound instead.

Sunrise alarms

On Nest displays, you can set a sunrise alarm to gradually brighten the screen until it's time to wake up. You can add a sunrise alarm to a new or existing alarm.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your display and then tap Alarms .
    • To use an existing alarm, tap its description on the screen.
    • To use a new general alarm, tap Set an alarm and then choose a time and then tap Set.
  2. Turn on Sunrise alarm.
  3. To customize your settings, tap Sunrise alarm:
    • With compatible smart lights, you can have the lights in your room brighten during your sunrise.
    • Adjust the sunrise window for a faster or slower paced sunrise.
    • Select a pre-alarm. With a pre-alarm, soft sounds like birds chirping will play in the last minutes prior to the alarm.
  4. When finished, tap Done.

Other ways to silence a ringing alarm

Use touch controls

  • Google Home: Tap the top.
  • Google Nest Mini: Tap the center.
  • Google Home Mini: Press and hold either side.
  • Google Home Max: Tap the line on the top or right side.
  • Google Nest Audio: Tap the center.
  • Google Nest displays: Tap Stop or Snooze on the screen.
  • Google Nest Wifi point: Tap the center.

Nest Hub (2nd gen) and Nest Hub Max: Use a Quick Gesture

To set up the snooze alarm gesture:

  1. In the Google Home app:
    1. Turn on Quick Gestures.
    2. Nest Hub Max only: Turn on camera sensing.
  2. On your Nest display:
    1. Turn on Gestures in your default alarm settings.
    2. Nest Hub (2nd gen) only: Turn on Motion Sense.

To snooze a ringing alarm:

  • Nest Hub Max: Hold your hand with the palm facing the camera.
  • Nest Hub (2nd gen): Wave your hand close to the display.

Change alarm volume

Change general alarm volume

Use the Google Home app

  1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or linked to the same account as your speaker or display.
  2. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  3. Tap Favorites or Devices .
  4. Tap and hold your device's tile.
  5. Tap Settings and then Audio and then Alarms & Timers.
  6. Adjust the volume.

Use the Nest display screen

Use the Quick settings menu to change the volume of alarms and timers on your Nest display.

  1. On your Nest display, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Volume and then set the alarm and timer volume to the desired level. Note: If the alarm and timer volume control doesn't open automatically, tap Expand .

Change media alarm volume

To change the volume of media alarms, use media volume controls.

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