Set your default music service on Google Home

Your favorite music service can be set as the default to play the songs, artists, genres and playlists you love. Here’s a full list of commands.

Choose your default music service

  1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Google Nest or Google Home speaker or display.
  2. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  3. At the top right, tap your account.
  4. Verify that the Google Account shown is the one linked to your Google Home or Google Nest device. To switch accounts, tap another account or Add another account.
  5. Go back to the home screen, and at the top left, tap Add   Music and audio.
  6. To choose your default service, tap the music service you would like to use.
  7. Linking functionality:
    1. For Google Play Music and YouTube Premium, your accounts are automatically linked when you link your Google Account to Google Home. 
    2. For Spotify and Pandora, you will need to link your accounts.
      • To connect your account, tap a music service  Link account  sign in or sign up for the service and follow the in-app steps.  
      • To unlink an account, tap Unlink  Unlink account.
Note: For all services, Google Nest and Home devices currently support a single account per streaming service.

You can choose to play on a different service by adding <on <music service>> at the end of the music request. Example: If your default music service is Google Play Music, you can listen to music on Spotify by saying ,"Ok Google, play jazz on Spotify") 

Available music services

  • Google Play Music 
  • Spotify 
  • YouTube Music  
  • Pandora (U.S. only)
  • Deezer (U.S, Canada, U.K., France, Italy, Australia and Germany)

Here's more on how to listen to music on Google Home.