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Change who can manage your Wi-Fi network

You can give and remove access to others to help manage your Wi-Fi network. People you give access to will be able to view all the same data that you can in the Google Home app and Google Wifi app, and make changes such as resetting passwords and pausing family devices.

Google Nest Wifi and Google Wifi networks set up in the Google Home app

Home members in the Google Home app have the same level of control and access to your home devices and settings that you do. This includes the ability to change your Wi-Fi password, toggle Wi-Fi access on and off for specific devices, and add or remove other home members. Only invite people you trust to become home members. 

Learn how to manage home members in the Google Home app.

Google Wifi networks set up in the Google Wifi app

If you’ve set up Google Wifi in the Google Wifi app, your Wi-Fi network only has one owner, but can have as many managers as you want. Managers can view the same data and edit the same settings as the owner, but can’t factory reset your devices or add new ones.

The Google Wifi app is currently read-only. To make changes to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to migrate to the Google Home app and make the changes from the Google Home app.

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