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Public Preview for Google Home app

Public Preview is a program that can give you early access to the latest Google Home app features before they're made broadly available. Request an invite in the Google Home app to join the Public Preview. Public Preview members can try the new features and give feedback so that Google can continue to make improvements before the features are released to everyone.

Request an invite

  1. In the Google Home app Google Home app, tap Settings Settings under "General", tap Public Preview.
  2. Tap Request invite.
    • If you decide not to join, follow the steps above and tap Revoke invite request.
  3. If you're accepted, the Google Home app shows a notification that says it'll soon update to Public Preview.
    • Features available through Public Preview will vary over time. If you're not able to join, it could mean that you don't have a compatible device. Check back and try again later.
  4. When you get the Public Preview update notification, tap Got it.
    • If you decide not to join, tap Decline acceptance.

Note: You only need to request an invite to Public Preview once. If you're signed into the same account that you joined Public Preview with, you'll have early access to features on your mobile device.

Once you've successfully joined Public Preview, a badge that says "Preview" will show at the top of the screen. You might also see occasional reminder notifications when you open the Google Home app.

Submit feedback

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement for Public Preview features, submit your feedback.
  1. In the Google Home app Google Home app, tap the "Preview" badge.
  2. Tap Submit feedback.
  3. Let us know your level of satisfaction, and then tap Next.
  4. (Optional) If there are any details you'd like to add, share them in the provided text box.
    • Note: Don't share any personal information.
  5. Tap Submit.

How to leave Public Preview

  1. In the Google Home app Google Home app, tap the "Preview" badge at the top, or go to Settings Settings under "General", tap Public Preview.
  2. Tap Leave Public Preview.

Features currently in Public Preview

When you join or leave Public Preview, you may not see the updated features right away. You'll see the new features once they're ready for you to use.

New app experience

  • Favorites: Easily access your favorite devices, actions and automations. This includes the ability to favorite your cameras so you can view your live streams right when you launch the app
  • Spaces: Quickly access groups of similar devices such as lights
  • Devices: Find all of your devices and easily check their status
  • Refreshed camera and timeline views:
    • Vertical video history timeline: Quickly scrub through hours of video history or jump to live view
    • Event views: Access a list of events and scrub to an exact moment. See video in landscape mode on your phone or tablet
    • Quick actions: See and talk to anyone in front of your camera or doorbell with live or pre-recorded messages. Call emergency services (U.S. Nest Aware subscribers only), access device settings and download any event to your phone
  • Media mini player: See what’s playing in your home and adjust the volume or access the remote
  • Activity: Review what happened in and around your home
  • Settings: Find and manage devices, services and home members

Known Issues

  • The New camera controller experience (with live and vertical history views) are only available for Nest cameras and doorbells that were set up using the Google Home app. These include Nest Cam (battery), Nest Cam with floodlight, Nest Cam (indoor, wired), Nest Doorbell (battery), and Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd gen). Support for older cameras is coming soon.
  • The re-designed Google Home app does not support a number of older devices (ex: Nest Protect) from the Nest App.
  • Upon reinstall, the app may revert to the old experience on first start. Subsequent starts will restore the public preview experience.
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