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Public Preview for Google Home app

Public Preview gives you early access to the latest Google Home app features before they're made broadly available. Participants can try new features and give feedback so that Google can continue to make improvements before the features are released to everyone.

Once you join, you can access Public Preview features that are available for the following:

How to join Public Preview

You can join Public Preview in the mobile Google Home app or at

  • Open the Google Home app Google Home app tap Settings Public Preview Join Public Preview
  • Go to sign in select Public Preview Join Public Preview

You'll get a message with information about Public Preview and when you can start to use new features. It also gives you the option to leave Public Preview.

Once you've successfully joined Public Preview, the Preview icon will appear onscreen in the mobile app and Google Home for web. You might also get occasional reminder notifications when you open the Google Home app.

To ensure you can be added to the Public Preview program, please confirm your Google Groups settings:

  1. Sign into Google Groups.
  2. Tap Settings Settings Global settings.
  3. Confirm "Add me to their groups" is checked tap Save.

Share feedback

To let us know how well Public Preview features work, submit your feedback.

  1. In the Google Home app Google Home app, tap Public Preview Share feedback.
  2. Let us know your level of satisfaction tap Next Submit.

How to leave Public Preview

If you leave Public Preview, you lose access to all Public Preview features in the mobile app, Google Home for web, and Google Home for Wear OS.

You can leave Public Preview in the mobile Google Home app or at

  • Open the Google Home app Google Home app tap Public Preview Leave Public Preview
  • Go to sign in select Public Preview Leave Public Preview

Features currently in Public Preview

Features available through Public Preview will vary over time. When you join Public Preview, you might not get updated features right away. You'll get new features once they're ready for you to use.

Tip: Before you use a feature, check for known issues.

Nest doorbell notifications on Pixel Tablet

Pixel Tablet can now help anyone in your home see who’s at the front door. When someone rings your Nest doorbell and your tablet is in Hub Mode, you can easily view who’s at the door with a proactive, full screen notification, and speak to them through your doorbell or answer quickly with Quick Responses.

When your tablet’s not in Hub Mode, you’ll get a push notification letting you know someone is at your door. You can also view your doorbell’s camera stream at any time in the home panel.

Learn how to use doorbell notifications on Pixel Tablet.

Garage door detection

Garage door detection is currently available in Public Preview and is supported in the US and Canada only. It lets you set up your Nest camera so you get notifications when your garage door opens, closes, or is left open. If you have a 1st gen Nest Aware subscription, you need to migrate your account before you can use garage door detection.

Learn how to use garage door detection.

Script editor

The script editor is currently available in Public Preview on Google Home for web and in the Google Home mobile app. With the script editor, you can create and edit your own scripted automations using additional starters, conditions, actions, and logic. You'll also be able to use presence sensing to create more custom automations than are currently available with Home & Away Routines. You can access the script editor on Google Home for web now at

Important: All household members can see when these Routines run. Routines are for convenience only, not safety- or security-critical use cases. Do not create Routines that could result in injury or harm if they fail to start or stop. Routines can depend on working internet, Wi-Fi, and service availability from both Google and the third parties who manufacture the devices included in Routines. Routines may not always work, and Google is not responsible for any harm or losses incurred as a result of any failed Routines.
Help me script is an experimental feature in script editor. It makes it easier to create powerful home automations on Google Home for web. With the help of generative AI, you can now simply describe the automation you want, and it’ll generate the script for you. This feature is available for a limited time in Public Preview.

Mobile Home app features

Most Home app features for Android and iOS phones and tablets are available to everyone. The following additional features are also available in the mobile Google Home app when you join Public Preview.

Migrate Nest App Cameras to the Google Home App

Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor owners can add their cameras to the Home app. If you're eligible, the app will let you know. Learn more about device migration.

View live streams for Works with Google Home cameras

You can view compatible Works with Google Home camera live streams in the Google Home app. This feature is still under development and isn't available for all cameras. To try this out with an eligible camera:

Link a camera

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. Tap Devices Add Works with Google Home Works with Google Home.
  3. Choose your camera manufacturer from the list and link your account to finish setup.

View live stream

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. Tap Favorites or Devices the camera you want to view.

Favorites widget

The Favorites widget is currently available in Public Preview for Android devices running Android 12 or later. This customizable widget allows you to have even quicker access to your compatible smart home devices on your Home screen.

Learn how to use the Favorites widget.

Wear OS features

All Home app features for Wear OS are currently available to everyone. New Wear OS features will come to Public Preview in the future.

Known Issues

  • Camera or doorbell migration from the Nest app to the Home app might freeze or fail. If you can't complete device migration after a second try, please Contact Us for assistance.
  • When the Owner of a Nest App home migrates a camera to the Home app, other home members lose full access to the camera in the Nest App. To access the camera controller in the Home app, other home members must join Public Preview. Learn more about device migration.

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