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Replace existing Nest Wifi or Google Wifi with Nest Wifi Pro

If you currently have a Nest Wifi or Google Wifi mesh system, you need to remove your existing Wi-Fi 5 network to set up a Wi-Fi 6E network on your Nest Wifi Pro. Nest Wifi Pro isn't backwards compatible and can't be set up in mixed networks with earlier generation Nest Wifi or Google Wifi mesh systems. You can set up multiple homes in the Google Home app, but only one Wi-Fi network per home is supported.

Recreating settings and configurations in a Nest Wifi Pro network

To create a new Wi-Fi 6E network in your existing home structure in the Google Home app, you first need to factory reset your old Wi-Fi 5 network using the app to remove the existing Wi-Fi network. Then you can set up a Nest Wifi Pro network.

Note: When you remove your existing Wi-Fi network, your previous settings and configurations will be erased.

  1. Write down your network name and password and any other custom settings or details you added in the Google Home app. Here are some examples of settings you can keep:
  2. Factory reset your old network.
  3. Set up your Nest Wifi Pro and manually add your custom settings or details again to your new Wi-Fi 6E network.

Keeping your old network's devices connected

If either the network name or password is changed, your devices won't connect to your new network and each device will need to be reconfigured to match your new network. To keep your existing wireless devices seamlessly connected to your new network, reuse the same network name and password as your old network:

If some devices don't reconnect, check how to troubleshoot devices that can't connect after setup.

It's not recommended you operate both a Nest Wifi Pro network and Nest Wifi or Google Wifi network at the same location, as they can't be combined. Keeping both might cause interference to each network.

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