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Boost Wi-Fi 6E speed for Nest Wifi Pro

Note: This Wi-Fi 6E speed boost feature is coming soon and will be available when permitted by your local regulatory authority.

Google Nest Wifi Pro routers use Wi-Fi 6E to provide fast and smooth Wi-Fi throughout your home. A key part of Wi-Fi 6E is the ability for your router to operate using the 6 GHz wireless band for its mesh connectivity and connecting to newer, faster devices that can also use the 6 GHz band. This helps relieve network congestion and can provide a faster network. Learn more about Wi-Fi 6E and its benefits.

So far, the 6 GHz band has been reserved for utilities, public safety organizations, and other private and commercial uses, but the FCC (in the US) and other regulatory authorities have allowed the use of the 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi purposes. To avoid interference with pre-existing services, the FCC and other regulatory authorities allow routers, such as Nest Wifi Pro, to operate on the 6 GHz band indoors and at lower power levels.

Coming soon: With the Wi-Fi 6E speed boost feature, Nest Wifi Pro will be able to use higher power Wi-Fi 6E, where permitted. Here are additional benefits you get with higher power Wi-Fi 6E:

  • Get faster mesh speeds between your primary router and its connected points
  • Devices compatible with Wi-Fi 6E will be able to connect to Nest Wifi Pro at higher Wi-Fi speeds

How data is collected and shared

To operate at higher power Wi-Fi 6E, regulators require that certain data be collected and be made available to regulators. With your permission, your router's model, serial number, and location will be collected, securely stored, and can be shared with the FCC (in the US) and other regulatory authorities (for those outside of the US when Wi-Fi 6E speed boost becomes available) if requested. This information is used to ensure that your router can operate optimally at higher power Wi-Fi 6E and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Because your router does not have a GPS, you and other members of your home can opt into using your (or their) phone location as a proxy for the router's location during device setup and whenever the router's location needs to be refreshed. Nest sends a prompt to your device every time your location information needs to be refreshed, and will only collect your location information when you're connected to the Nest Wifi Pro's network.

The router's model, serial number, and location may continue to be shared with the FCC for up to 3 months even after the Wi-Fi 6E speed boost setting is turned off. When you opt into this setting, it applies to all existing and future Nest Wifi devices added to your network.

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