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Learn about Nest Renew

Nest Renew is a service for your compatible Nest thermostat that makes it easy to support clean energy, right from home. It works with your Nest thermostat to help you automatically shift your usage1 to times when your grid is cleaner or energy is less expensive.

Nest Renew makes it simple to track the positive difference you’re making to the environment and communities across the country. Nest Renew is rolling out in early preview by invitation. Nest Renew Basic will be free. And for $10/month, extend your positive impact even further with Renew Premium by matching your home's estimated fossil fuel-based electricity consumption with renewable energy to help choose a clean energy future.2 Because when we each do a little, it can add up to a lot.

During the early preview phase, interested customers can navigate to the Nest Renew announcement webpage and provide their email address and zipcode to stay updated on Nest Renew’s broader launch.

Compatible thermostats

Nest Renew requires a 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E, or the newest Nest Thermostat, connected to a Google account (sold separately).

Nest Thermostat 3/4ths view Nest thermostat heating with silver ring Nest thermostat e heating
Nest Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

(3rd gen)

Nest Thermostat E

To participate in Rush Hour Rewards, your Nest thermostat also needs to be connected to a specific type of heating and/or cooling unit.

What you get with Nest Renew 

Nest Renew will be free, and for those who want to increase their impact, Renew Premium will be available in select locations.

Basic (Free)

  • See your Power: Nest Renew helps you know when the electricity coming into your home is cleaner, and when it’s not so clean, so you can make more informed choices about how you use energy.  Even taking small actions when the grid is less clean, like turning off extra lights or running the laundry a little later, can start to add up. 
  • Energy Shift: Energy Shift3 can work with your compatible Nest thermostat to help you automatically prioritize usage of cleaner or less expensive energy, and tune up your thermostat schedule to run efficiently in both summer and winter seasons. 
  • Impact you can see: Watch the positive effects of supporting clean energy add up.  Get Leafs and regular reports that help you track your actions and impact over time. When you reach a Leaf milestone, you can extend your positive impact by directing Nest Renew funds to nonprofit partners.4 By helping support clean energy, you’re now also helping to steer our support of community projects around the country.

Premium ($10/month)

  • All the features of Basic along with…
  • Clean Energy Match: Clean Energy Match can match the estimated fossil fuel electricity your home consumes with clean energy from US wind and solar plants. Which means as more
  • people join, and as more renewable energy sources are created, the more our whole planet benefits. Learn how this is done with renewable energy credits. During the preview phase Nest Renew’s RECs will be sourced from the Bethel Wind in Castro County, TX which also provides renewable energy for Google.
  • One simple bill: Renew Premium members will also get one easy-to-read bill each month that includes your Nest Renew monthly cost, your usual utility charges, and a summary of how your Clean Energy Match is helping to support a healthier climate.5

How Nest Renew calculates your savings

Your Nest thermostat can help you save energy in multiple ways. For example, you can schedule efficient temperatures when you’re away or asleep, or enable Home/Away Assist. You can also manually set efficient temperatures at any time or even set your thermostat to OFF mode.

To calculate your savings, we compare how long your heating or cooling system ran to how long we estimate it would have run if it were always set to certain comfortable temperature. 

These comfortable temperatures are determined by looking at your thermostat activity over the past year. They may change over time as your behavior changes. This calculation is adapted from the EPA’s method of validating the energy savings of EnergyStar certified thermostats with one key difference: we report your monthly savings, while EnergyStar only calculates annual savings.

How Nest Renew Premium works with your utility

When you enroll in Nest Renew Premium, you provide us with information about your electric utility account. We use that information to confirm the charges from your utility and estimate how much electricity you use, so that we can estimate the amount of fossil fuel-based electricity your home consumes and match that amount with clean energy using renewable energy credits. We also use that information so that Nest Renew can provide you with a monthly bill that includes both your Renew Premium charges and your usual utility charges.5 Because you don’t have to change your utility provider, Nest Renew gives you a hassle-free way to help support a cleaner future.

Nest Renew Premium and solar panels

You can still enroll in Nest Renew Premium even if your home has solar panels. Your home may still need to use some electricity from the grid if your solar panels don’t generate enough power to cover your electricity needs. 

In months where your solar panels generate enough to cover your whole home’s usage, Nest Renew Premium will procure a minimum amount of renewable energy credits on your behalf, allowing you to continue to amplify your impact.

How Nest Renew Premium works if you’re enrolled in a local clean energy option

Nest Renew provides a way to support the growth of clean energy in the US, so it doesn’t conflict with any local clean energy option you might be enrolled in (like green tariffs from electric utilities or or community choice aggregators (CCAs)). These programs are a great way to decrease your carbon footprint because only your electricity provider can provide you with the electricity that powers your home.

If you enroll in both a local program and Nest Renew Premium, you amplify your impact to help support the growth of clean energy. Everything from the local program you enroll in should work the same, and the Renew Premium renewable energy credit accounting still works without issues, resulting in broader support of carbon-free energy. (For Renew Premium’s Clean Energy Match, our estimate of your fossil fuel electricity consumption is based on the power resource mix in your regional grid. Therefore, even if you’re enrolled in a local 100% clean energy program, we’ll still match an estimated fossil fuel-generated electricity amount for you based on your regional grid’s generation mix.)

How Nest Renew Premium pays your utility bill

Utility Bill Pay is a Nest Renew Premium feature through which Nest Renew combines your charges from your electric utility bill and your Nest Renew monthly fee into a single bill. Nest Renew automatically charges your payment method every month to cover the combined bill.5 Once you begin paying your utility bills through Nest Renew you should turn off any other forms of autopay that you might have set up with your utility company or bank to prevent the possibility of double payment. There may be cases upon signup for Nest Renew Premium in which you need to pay a bill directly to your utility. For example, this may be the case if you have a bill due to your electric utility within a few days of enrollment in Nest Renew Premium. Please review the details during enrollment and in your Nest Renew welcome email for instructions if this is the case.

Manage multiple homes

You can purchase Nest Renew Premium subscriptions for up to 5 homes per Google Account. Based on how your utility bill is structured, you may need multiple Nest Renew accounts (one Nest Renew account for each service address).


1 Adjustments only shift electricity usage from your heating and cooling.

2  Learn how this is done with renewable energy credits. During the preview phase Nest Renew’s RECs will be sourced from the Bethel Wind in Castro County, TX which also provides renewable energy for Google.

3 Only available in areas served by major continental US grids, go here for more information.

4 Learn more about our Energy Impact Program here. Directing of Nest Renew funds not available in all states, go here to learn more.

5 All money transmission is provided by Google Payment Corp. (GPC) pursuant to its licenses (NMLS ID: 911607). GPC is licensed as a Money Transmitter by the Banking Department of the State of New York; as a Currency Transmitter by the Rhode Island Division of Banking; and by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. GPC is located at: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043

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