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Update Nest Renew subscription and billing info

You can manage your subscription by signing in to the Nest Renew portal in your web browser. Here you can add more Nest Renew subscriptions, cancel your subscription, or check your subscription information. 

For Nest Renew Premium:

  • You’ll be automatically charged each month with the payment method you added to your subscription when you signed up.
  • Nest Renew will not change your utility billing cycle. Nest Renew will charge you before your utility bill is due. Nest Renew then submits payment for your utility bill on your behalf. 
  • Nest Renew cannot support payment extensions.

Note: If you have any payment or billing issues, please visit the Troubleshoot Nest Renew billing and payments article.

Manage billing and subscription information

You can see the status of your upcoming bill, statements for past bills, and subscription information on the Nest Renew portal in your web browser. 

Billing and Usage for Nest Renew Premium

  1. Sign into the Nest Renew portal in your web browser.
  2. Select the Billing & Usage tab. 
  3. Scroll down to see upcoming bills, past bills and payment dates. You can also download a PDF of your billing history.


  1. Sign into the Nest Renew portal in your web browser.
  2. Select the Settings tab. Here you can access and update subscription information like your home address, phone number, payment method, subscription level (Basic or Premium), and more.

Change your address 

  1. Sign into the Nest Renew portal in your web browser.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to Service Address and select Edit.
  4. Add your new address.
  5. Add your utility company and account number.

Important: This information is important for Nest Renew Premium to ensure your utility bill is paid correctly, and for Nest Renew Basic your ZIP code enables features like Energy Shift. 

Change your email settings

You can customize your email preferences:

  1. At the bottom of a Nest Renew email click Manage Preferences. This takes you to a webpage titled Your message preferences.
  2. Select emails you wish to unsubscribe from or resubscribe to. (Note that some emails provide critical information, like a monthly statement, and cannot be unsubscribed from.)

Update your electric utility provider

  1. Sign into the Nest Renew portal in your web browser
  2. Select the Settings tab. 
  3. Scroll down to Energy Utility under the Utility information heading.
  4. Click Edit
  5. Add the requested information associated with your utility account to ensure continued operation of your Nest Renew Premium subscription. 

Find your utility account number

Check your utility bill to find your utility account number. You can also find it in your account on your utility company’s website or app.

  • If you don’t manage your household’s utility account, check with the person who does.
  • If you don’t know your utility account login or password info, contact your utility company for help.

Upgrade from Basic to Premium

Use the steps below to upgrade your account from Basic to Premium Tier (in areas where Nest Renew Premium is available).  

You must select your electric utility provider before upgrading from Basic to Premium.

  1. Sign into the Nest Renew portal in your web browser.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Select Upgrade Join Renew Premium. Make sure you’ve selected your electric utility provider first.
  4. Select Connect utility to connect your account.
  5. Enter additional information about your utility account including your name, address, account number information, and other details.
  6. Add the credit or debit card that you’ll use to pay your bill and select Agree & Subscribe.
    Nest Renew will then automatically turn on Clean Energy Match

Update your credit or debit card

You can change your payment method, add a new credit card or update your current one.

  1. Sign into the Nest Renew portal in your web browser.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to Payment method under the Payment method & history heading. 
  4. Select Edit. 
  5. Tap the arrow Nest down iconto the right of your credit card information. 
  6. Select your current card or Add debit or credit card. 
    • Add new details about your card. 
  7. Select Submit. 

Pause your subscription

If you need to pause your Nest Renew subscription, please contact Nest support for help.

Cancel Nest Renew 

If you need to cancel your Nest Renew subscription, there will be changes in how you pay your utilities bill. You can find everything you’ll need to know in the cancel your subscription article.
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