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Nest Renew energy policy and industry resources

Nest Renew is a service that helps people play a part in the fight against climate change from home. By combining existing Nest thermostat programs with new user education tools, intelligent automation, nonprofit funding focused on clean energy equity and renewable generation support, Renew makes it easy to support a clean energy future.

Google has long strived to help move the world closer to a carbon-free future, and with Nest Renew we are working closely with our partners to engage people with empowering and impactful tools that help them support the energy transition. Because when we each do a little, it adds up to a lot.

Please see the two resources below for more information relevant to stakeholders in the energy industry.

  1. Supporting a Clean Energy Future with Nest Renew, an overview document prepared by the Nest Renew team at Google.
  2. Bringing Clean Energy Home, Unlocking innovation and policy to align US household energy use with ambitious climate targets, an independent assessment of Nest Renew prepared by RMI (formerly the Rocky Mountain Institute).* 

*Funding acknowledgement: RMI was invited by Google to assess the impact of Google’s Nest Renew product, announced in October 2021, and independently author this report putting the product into the context of opportunities to meet ambitious climate policy targets. Google provided funding to RMI to support this work. The findings presented in this work were independently derived by RMI, and RMI is solely responsible for the views expressed.  

Get in touch

Over the last decade we’ve learned a lot from our energy industry partners. We are launching Nest Renew as an early preview to receive feedback so we can ensure high quality and continue to iterate on core technology and features, like our use of WattTime’s Automated Emissions Reduction signal to help users shift their heating and cooling electricity usage to cleaner times.

Want to partner with us or provide feedback? Please reach out at

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