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Clean Energy Match

Clean Energy Match, available as part of Nest Renew Premium,1 helps you support the growth of clean energy. It matches the estimated fossil fuel electricity your home consumes with clean energy from US wind and solar plants, using renewable energy credits (RECs). During the early preview of Nest Renew Premium, the RECs for Clean Energy Match will come from Bethel Wind in Castro County, TX.

As explained below, Clean Energy Match is a REC product and does not contain or provide you with electricity.

How Renewable energy credits work

With Clean Energy Match, Google purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) to match the estimated amount of fossil fuel-generated electricity your home consumes.

When a renewable energy facility operates, it produces two things: electricity and a renewable energy credit (REC). The REC is a certificate representing the environmental benefits of renewable electricity generation. For every megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity that a renewable energy facility generates, one REC is produced.

The electricity and RECs are sometimes sold separately by the owner of a renewable energy facility. This is because some people only need electricity and not environmental benefits, whereas other people only want environmental benefits and do not need additional electricity.

While electricity and RECs are created simultaneously from the generation of renewable energy, RECs are not electricity and do not contain electricity. Google only purchases RECs for you. We do not provide you with electricity.

Where Clean Energy Match RECs come from

During the early preview of Nest Renew Premium, the RECs for Clean Energy Match will come from:

Project Name


Resource Percentage


Bethel Wind



Castro County, TX

This table reflects the RECs that we have contracted to provide during the early preview of Nest Renew Premium. Actual deliveries may vary in the event of this resource becoming unavailable. Annually Nest Renew will report the mix of RECs actually delivered for Clean Energy Match.

We have also entered an agreement to purchase RECs from Roseland Solar, a project under development in Falls County, TX, which is expected to begin providing RECs for Clean Energy Match in 2023 for a three-year term. You can learn more about our plans for REC purchasing in Supporting a Clean Energy Future with Nest Renew.

How Google calculates the amount of RECs it purchases for you

We estimate the amount of fossil fuel-generated electricity that you consume at home (for example, electricity generated by coal-fired power plants or natural gas-fired power plants). Our estimate is based on information you make available to us from your utility account when you enroll in Nest Renew Premium (for example, the charges from your utility), as well as information regarding the mix of fossil fuel and carbon-free energy resources in your region. We purchase RECs to match your estimated fossil fuel-generated electricity consumption.

We work hard to accurately estimate the amount of fossil fuel-generated electricity consumed at your home, but our estimates are only estimates. These estimates may vary from the actual amount of fossil fuel-generated electricity consumed at your home.

In addition, our estimates are based on the energy mix in your region (which might spread across several states). Your local electric utility provider might procure less (or more) carbon-free energy than the average electric utility provider in the region. Our estimates do not account for this variability among electric utility providers in your region.

What the “Match” in “Clean Energy Match” means

When we say that Nest Renew Premium “matches” your estimated fossil fuel electricity consumption amount with RECs, we mean that Google purchases RECs in the amount determined through the estimation process described above. The RECs we purchase are registered in a regional tracking registry to enable public confirmation of the purchase and avoid double counting.

Our purchase of RECs for you does not provide you with electricity. Only your electricity provider (like a local electric utility) can provide you with the electricity that powers your home. That’s why you should also consider clean energy options from your electricity provider if they are available to you.

Nest Renew Premium provides a way to support the growth of clean energy in the US and does not conflict with local clean energy options that might be available to you. Signing up for both can amplify your support for clean energy.

Homes with combined electricity and natural gas billing

If you receive a single bill from your utility company for electricity and other utility services (like natural gas), Nest Renew will pay the combined bill, but your Clean Energy Match will only cover the estimated fossil fuel-based electricity consumption.

Monthly Minimums

Regardless of our estimate of your monthly usage, Nest Renew will always add a minimum amount to your Clean Energy Match. These are the minimum amounts for each month:


Minimum amount


560 kWh


490 kWh


470 kWh


380 kWh


420 kWh


500 kWh


640 kWh


630 kWh


550 kWh


450 kWh


430 kWh


510 kWh

Homes with solar panels

If your home has solar panels, your monthly electric bill may be extremely low or even zero. If so, Nest Renew will always add a minimum amount to your Clean Energy Match, per the table above.

Homes enrolled in local clean energy options

Some electric utilities and other local providers offer renewable energy products to customers (for example, “green tariffs” and community solar), and some electricity providers even supply 100% renewable energy to customers as their default service (for example, certain community choice aggregators in California). Nest Renew encourages you to consider signing up for these options as a way to amplify your support for clean energy.

Enrolling in Nest Renew Premium does not replace or affect the service you receive from your electricity provider. Even if you receive a renewable energy service from your electricity provider, Google will still purchase RECs for you through Nest Renew Premium. With Clean Energy Match, we purchase RECs based on the estimate of fossil fuel-generated electricity described above. This is determined by the energy mix in your region, not by the energy mix of your specific electric utility provider or your particular service.

Check your Clean Energy Match impact

You can find the total amount of electricity you’ve matched with RECs through Clean Energy Match in recurring emails from Nest Renew and on the Nest Renew Portal.

  1. Sign into your account on the Nest Renew portal.
  2. Select the Impact tab.
  3. “Your impact” shows your total Clean Energy Match.

Learn more about the energy impact program in our Help Center.


1Renew Premium $10/month subscription required. Available in select locations.

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