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Sign up for Nest Renew

Nest Renew is a service that helps you support a clean energy future, right from home. Enrollment is simple and should only take a few minutes. Before you start, check the following requirements to see what you’ll need to get started and sign up.

What you need

To sign up for Nest Renew, you’ll need to have the following:

  • A compatible Nest thermostat added to a Google Account or migrated Nest-to-Google Home structure in the Google Home or Nest app.
  • A home address in an eligible zip code in the continental US.
Compatible thermostats
You’ll need one of the following Nest thermostat models to join Nest Renew (sold separately). If you’re unsure what one you have, you can get more help with how to tell which Nest thermostat you have in our Help Center.

Nest Thermostat 3/4ths view

Nest thermostat heating with silver ring

Nest thermostat e heating

Nest Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

(3rd gen)

Nest Thermostat E

To participate in Rush Hour Rewards, your Nest thermostat needs to be connected to a specific type of heating or cooling unit. Learn more about these requirements in Learn about Rush Hour Rewards.

How to enroll in Nest Renew

On the web

To sign up for Nest Renew, visit the Nest Renew website.

Here are key things you’ll need to start enrollment:

Once you’ve signed in to your Google Account and selected your home in the app, you can continue signing up. This includes an overview of key Nest Renew features.

If available in your area, you’ll have the option to join a local Rush Hour Rewards program. This works with your Nest thermostat to help you earn rewards for using less energy when demand is high on your local grid.

In the app

Some customers might be invited to join Nest Renew from the Nest app:

  1. In this case, an invitation screen will appear when you open the Nest app. The screen will describe some of the key features of Nest Renew.
  2. Select Yes, I'm in.
  3. You’ll receive a welcome email from Nest Renew shortly after you join.

In some instances, this screen might include the offer to also join Rush Hour Rewards. If you choose Yes, I'm in, you’ll be enrolled in Nest Renew and your request to join Rush Hour Rewards will be automatically passed along to your utility provider for approval.

What happens after you sign up

  • You’ll start helping support a clean energy future, right from home!
  • You’ll receive a Nest Renew welcome email shortly after enrollment.
  • You’ll get monthly impact emails from Nest Renew that show your personal actions from participating, your impact, and how the actions of other Renew participants add up to make an even bigger difference. 
  • If you enrolled in Rush Hour Rewards while signing up for Nest Renew, your request to join Rush Hour Rewards will be provided to your utility for review. You’ll receive an email within a few days letting you know if your request was accepted or denied.

Cancel your Nest Renew subscription

To cancel your subscription, please visit the Nest Renew website. You can also find steps to cancel Nest Renew in our Help Center.

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