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Install Nest Cam (wired)

The Home app will walk you through Nest Cam (wired) setup with detailed instructions. Here is a basic overview of your 2 choices for installation: place it on a flat surface like a table or shelf, or mount it with the screws on a wall or other surface.

You can also watch an installation video here: Install Nest Cam (wired) video

Install with the stand

The included stand is ideal for simply placing your camera indoors on a shelf, desk or counter. Just plug in the power cord and adjust the camera so it points where you want.

Mount with screws

The included screws can firmly hold the camera on a vertical surface like a wall or ceiling. 

  1. Twist and pull the wall plate off the camera base.
  2. Use the included screws to attach the camera where you want. If you need to drill pilot holes, use a 7/64 in (3 mm) bit, or a 1/4 in (6 mm) bit if you’re using the wall anchors.
  3. Turn the camera head 180 degrees then feed the cable through the gaps in the plate, 
  4. Twist the camera back onto the wall plate.
    Tip: If you can’t get the view you want, twist the camera off the plate and turn it 180 degrees, then reattach it to the plate.

Make sure that you follow all local privacy laws. For more information, refer to Safety and privacy guidelines.

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