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Install or mount Nest Cam (battery)

The Home app will walk you through installation with detailed instructions when you set up your Google Nest Cam (battery). 

You have a few basic choices for installation:

  • Use the included wall mount, the Nest Cam stand (sold separately) or use a Made For Google accessory.
  • You can also use any third-party mount with a 1/4"-20 thread, but it may affect the performance of your camera.

Installation video

How To Set-Up and Install Your Nest Cam

Install with the stand

The optional Nest Cam stand is ideal for simply placing your camera indoors on a shelf, desk or counter. Just connect the camera to the stand and plug in the power cord. 

The stand provides continuous power for your camera, which is required to get 24/7 video history if you have a Nest Aware Plus subscription.

Install with the magnetic mount

The magnetic mount gives you a couple of options: The magnetic plate can firmly hold your camera in place on a metal surface (like a refrigerator) inside or outdoors. There’s no need to use the screws.

For other surfaces like walls, simply attach the wall plate with the included screws, then secure the magnetic plate onto the backplate. Both of these mounting options let you power your camera with any power accessory like the weatherproof cables, or run it on battery power.

Use the secure loop

If you’re placing your Nest Cam higher than 6.5 ft (2m), use the secure loop accessory. The loop is a cable that connects your camera to the magnetic mount and will help prevent your camera from falling if it gets knocked off the mount.

If your Nest Cam (battery) did not include a secure loop in the box, please contact us to request one. Alternatively, you can use the Wasserstein anti-theft mount, which is available on the Google Store and provides anti-theft protection in addition to anti-drop protection.

Secure loop installation

  1. Screw the end of the loop into the threads on the bottom of the camera by hand, then pull the cable to the side and tighten with a flat head screwdriver.

  2. Place the loop around the magnetic mount where it meets the wall. The loop should slip behind the faceplate.

  1. Pull the tab to tighten the loop until it’s snug. Make sure the tab is accessible so you can easily remove your camera for charging.
    • Important: Don't push the tab behind the magnetic mount. The tab lets you open the loop to remove your camera for charging.
  2. Place your camera on the magnetic plate.
  3. Check the camera feed in the app to confirm that your camera covers the view you want.

Install with the weatherproof cable

You can keep your camera plugged-in, even outdoors, thanks to the Nest Cam weatherproof cables. It comes in two lengths, 16 ft (5 m) or 33 ft (10 m), and can easily be plugged-in inside or outside in a weatherproof outlet. It even comes with cable clips, screws and wall anchors to route the cable for a clean install, and can be painted to blend in.

You can purchase the optional weatherproof cables on the Google Store.

What you’ll need for installation

Your camera comes with all parts you need to install it on a wall or ceiling. In addition to a screwdriver, you may also need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • Drill bit for pilot holes: 3/32’ in (2 mm) 
  • Drill bit for wall anchors: ¼ in (6.5 mm)
  • Drill bit for hole to pass power cable through a wall: ½ in (13 mm)
  • Ladder

Accessories for Google Nest cameras and doorbells

There are a variety of accessories available for Nest cameras such as weatherproof cables for outdoor installation, camera mounts and other power accessories.

  • Made by Google accessories are designed and manufactured by Google.
  • Made for Google accessories are made by Google's product partners in partnership with Google and certified to work with Google products.

 Look for accessories that suit your needs in the Google Store.

Important safety and privacy tips

Make sure that you follow all local privacy laws.

When mounting Nest Cam (battery) higher than 6.5 ft or 2m, use the secure loop accessory or  the Wasserstein anti-theft mount, which also offers drop protection.

If you want to plug your camera into an outlet for continuous power, consider the following before drilling a hole through your wall:

  • Check that you’re following local housing safety regulations.
  • Make sure that the placement of the hole doesn’t interfere with your home’s wiring or plumbing. If you’re not sure, contact an electrician or plumber.

For more information, go to Safety and privacy guidelines.

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