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How visitor announcements work

Set up on Google Assistant-enabled devices

Your Google Assistant-enabled device, such as a Google speaker and display, can announce when a visitor rings your Google Nest doorbell. If it’s a smart display, you’ll also get live video from your doorbell.

You’ll only get visitor announcements on your speakers and displays if they are set up in the same home as your doorbell in the Home app.

Get Nest doorbell visitor announcements on a speaker or display

Note: If Do Not Disturb is turned on for your Google speaker or display, you won’t get visitor announcements on that device.

Get app notifications

When someone rings your Nest doorbell, it can send a visitor notification to all phones that share access to that doorbell with the Home app or Nest app.

To be notified of visitors, notifications from your doorbell have to be enabled, and your phone needs to be in the same home as your doorbell.

Use familiar face alerts

If you have familiar face alerts turned on, Google Assistant can show or say the name you’ve assigned to the visitor.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to enable familiar face alerts and assign names to the people you’ve told your doorbell to recognize. Otherwise, Google Assistant will only announce that a person is at the door.

Multiple homes

If you have multiple homes in the Home app, you’ll only receive a visitor announcement from the speaker or display in the home a visitor rings the bell for.

For example, if someone rings the doorbell in your vacation home, you won’t receive a visitor announcement on the speaker in your primary residence.

Regardless of which home your speaker or display is in, you can still get a notification on your phone when someone rings your doorbell.

For more information, visit the article about how to use a doorbell with your speaker or display. You can also learn how to set up visitor announcements on a speaker or display.

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